The healing and awakening process begins the moment you enter the Blum Center for Health. Part of this is due to our physical space, an environment that has been created with great attention to detail in everything from its design to its flow of energy. Dr. Blum’s goal was to make the Blum Center for Health a welcoming environment and one in which you feel like you are “coming home.” After all, a peaceful space promotes well-being, supports your health and inspires a more balanced life style.

In choosing the location, both Carol Blum, a well-known architectural designer and leader in green building practices, and Elspeth Anne Beier, a feng shui expert, were called in to evaluate the suitability of the space. From there, with the creativity, sensitivity and combined talents of these two women, one of the most beautiful and serene healing centers was built.

Although it’s thousands of years old, the natural science of feng shui is even more relevant and necessary today than any other time in history. The speed and chaos of modern life can lead to confusion, exhaustion and stagnation, all fundamental elements in manifesting disease. With this in mind, feng shui played an important role in creating every aspect of the Blum Center for Health’s physical space, one where the calm, easy flow of qi, life energy, and a sense of serenity is palpable in every room. Traditional feng shui is based on physics and mathematics with a generous mix of intuitive skills. Time and space interact with one another and create patterns of energy, revealing where the most auspicious and healing vibrations are in any dwelling. Interiors reflect the energy and consciousness of those within that location as well. As a result, every room, wall, color and texture in the Blum Center for Health was created with the very mindful intention to bring about vibrant health. Additionally, all of the materials utilized in this state-of-the-art center are free from contaminates and toxins so all who enter can breathe easy while appreciating the artistry of each design detail.

Please contact us to schedule a Feng Shui consultation with Elspeth, or to find out more information about our designer, Carol Blum, of CBM Limited.