Elspeth Anne Beier
Feng Shui and Life Mapping

Elspeth Anne Beier is a masterful Feng Shui designer and teacher who works with individuals, families and businesses to maximize the harmony they experience within themselves, the homes they live in, or the offices they work in.  She was intimately involved with not only creating our beautiful, harmonious space at Blum Center for Health, but in helping Dr. Blum assemble her team of gifted practitioners, assistants and administrative staff. In addition to offering Feng Shui, Life Mapping and spiritual consultations to our patients and clients, she teaches our weekly meditation classes, and often our offsite corporate Mind-Body programs.

When not at Blum Center for Health, Elspeth makes house calls to assess home and business environments and then makes recommendations to increase harmony, productivity, and community as they relate to the character and essence of the individuals who are using the space(s). Customizing the environment to suit the activity comes first, then refining it to coordinate with the energetics of the one who lives or works there completes the circle. Families Elspeth has worked with delight in their healthier and more creative surroundings, feeling a greater sense of well-being and peace.

Elspeth also offers Life Mapping, which reveals the unique gifts and potentials of each person, but most importantly, the optimal time for them to shine.

Elspeth’s background includes a traditional education from Southern Methodist University in psychology and art, as well as degrees in Feng Shui and Chinese astrology from The Feng Shui Research Center in Toronto, Canada. She also is an accomplished Taiji (Tai-Chi) teacher for over thirty years. A consummate teacher and facilitator, Elspeth achieves mind/body attunement for her clients through guided meditation.

After years of study from many masters, here and in Asia, it is clear that it is a lifetime pursuit of learning; there truly is no end to knowledge.