At Blum Center for Health, we are deeply committed to helping you learn how to choose and prepare delicious food that supports vitality, longevity and your health goals.

The BlumKitchen program draws from a combination of western and eastern nutrition philosophies. Our classes and programs teach you how to incorporate a whole-foods, plant-based diet into your life. Whether seeking to prevent illness or treat a chronic condition, we provide you with the culinary education and skills to help you achieve your health goals.

Education Programs

Dr. Blum’s Learn @ Lunch Food as Medicine Series

This is the perfect workshop for those interested in learning more about how specific foods and recipes can support and influence the functioning of your body. Read more

Whether you want to learn for yourself, or if you are a health coach, nutritionist, or a health care provider of any specialty and want to learn for your clients, Dr. Blum created this class for you! Nutritional Medicine is the foundation for all health, and the best place to learn is in the kitchen!  During each class, Dr. Blum leads the discussion, and our own BlumKitchen Chef teaches the cooking demo that goes along with it. There will be ample time for you to ask questions and initiate topics for conversation.  Each class offers a different health supportive theme and menu of 4 recipes.  Plus, at the end of the class, you get to enjoy all the delectable foods prepared that day, and take the recipes home to share with friends and family!  Learn more and register here.

Corporate Team Building Cooking Experience

Team building activities are a great way to improve communication and increase productivity among people who work together.  What better way to create motivation than coming together in the kitchen to create a delicious and healthful meal? Allow us to customize your event; complete with menu planning, plus a signature take-home gift. For a full program description or to book your event today, please visit our Corporate Wellness page. 

Free Pantry, Fridge & Freezer Makeover

A healthy lifestyle begins in the kitchen, and choosing the most health-promoting ingredients is key! Read more

Learn how to improve the quality of your diet by keeping the right ingredients on hand. Most importantly, you will learn how to read and make sense of nutrition labels and ingredient lists so that you can choose only the best. Learn about healthy grains, fats, proteins, herbs and spices, and tips to make healthier versions of your favorite foods. You’ll leave equipped with great knowledge and fired up to turn your pantry, fridge, and freezer into a health zone! Learn more and register here.

Cooking Classes

Signature Blum Cooking Demonstration

This interactive cooking demo is both relaxing and educational.  Sit back and discuss the health-supportive topic at hand, while our talented Chef prepares a delicious meal that you get to enjoy at the end of class. Read more

To keep it fresh and varied, our menus change with each season, so you can take this class more than once.  Following the classic elimination diet that we use with our detox programs and most of our new patients, all of our classes teach you how to eat gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and egg free. You will savor all the food, have the opportunity to ask questions, and leave satisfied and eager to get cooking, since you’ll have the recipes too! Learn more and register here.

Signature Blum Hands-On Cooking Class

For those wanting the full hands-on experience, this public class provides the opportunity to learn more cooking and food prep skills than our basic demo. Read more

As a group, you will begin with a mindful eating exercise, bringing awareness to the present moment, allowing you to truly savor the complex nuances of a particular food. Hone your knife skills, and learn great tips to enhance your repertoire at home. You will prepare 4 recipes and create a whole food, plant-based meal that you will enjoy eating together at the end of class.  A different theme and menu is offered with each class.

Private Cooking Class

Looking for a fun way to share an evening out with your friends or family? This out-of-the box experience is perfect for those who enjoy spending time together, and who want to expand their culinary horizons. Read more

For parties of 4 to 12 people, allow our BlumKitchen Chef to help customize your menu in this intimate, private 2.5-hour experience.  Starting with one of our Signature Dips to nibble on as the Chef discusses Blum Center’s philosophy, “using food as medicine”, and then together, you will prepare 4 recipes to enjoy in our state of the art kitchen. You will leave with recipes, a full belly, and great memories! To learn more call us at 914-652-7800.