A healthy employee is a happy employee. The emphasis of our corporate wellness programs is on the whole person’s well being. Recognizing this simple philosophy will have a positive impact on your staff, and ultimately, your organization. By adopting tools to manage stress or learning how to eat healthy, your team will become more energetic, focused and productive. This not only benefits the individual, but also enhances your bottom line!

Corporate in the Kitchen

Team Building

We have mastered the recipe for success when it comes to building team morale and having fun!  Read More In our state of the art BlumKitchen, an interactive cooking experience inspires team bonding, improves communication and fosters camaraderie among co-workers, all while having fun in the kitchen and learning strategies for preparing healthy food! We can accommodate up to 16 persons. Larger parties can experience team building at Doral Arrowwood Resort, our corporate conference partner.  Let us customize your event, complete with menu planning and a Signature Blum Center take-home gift.

Learn @ Lunch Educational Program

Whether you are looking to learn with us during your lunch hour or would like to include us in one of your departmental meetings, our customized discussions and programs are the perfect inspirational and educational outlet.  Read More Both interactive and informative, we pride ourselves in providing your employees the tools they need to live a healthy life at work and at home.  Usually lasting one-hour, our most popular topics include medical and lifestyle discussions on food/nutrition, stress and exercise. We’d be happy to customize any Talk to best suit your staff’s needs.

Stress Management Programs

Balanced Employees = Productive Employees. Cultivating inner tranquility within your staff has a trickle-down effect, and everyone profits!  Providing this value-added benefit to your employee will transform your work environment into one that everyone enjoys coming to every day.  There is no better return on investment. Read more We will teach your employees viable therapeutic tools to manage everyday pressures and triggers of stress. These simple, yet effective, practices can be called upon at will, bringing a sense of peace and grounded focus anytime and anywhere.. All our offerings are experiential and can be customized to suit your needs; as stand-alone one-hour programs, or as part of a weekly series.

Learn to Meditate

Learn the basics of how to meditate with instruction on posture and breath, in one of the classic meditation methods of either sitting, walking or moving. There is time to share your experience of the in-class meditation, ask questions and learn how to start a regular meditation practice.

Guided Imagery Meditation

Explore your inner world with a guided visualization that invites your mind to create a place of ease and rest within. You can then revisit this place whenever you need a few minutes of rejuvenation.  This is a great practice for people who have had difficulty with conventional sitting meditation, or for those who want to put their daydreams to good use.

Restorative or Therapeutic Yoga

We offer two healing experiences that also help reduce stress.  Therapeutic Yoga is ideal for those suffering from a recurring injury or experience chronic muscle pain and aches.  Restorative Yoga is a wonderful practice if you have chronic adrenal fatigue, stress or are simply looking to breathe, relax and stretch.

Chair Yoga

Be the master of your own well being at work.  You will learn yoga poses that benefit every part of your mind and body.  You will be engaged in stretching movements and mind releasing exercises that will help you re-evaluate work habits.  When you become aware of daily habits, you can avoid stress effortlessly and work more efficiently.

Relaxation for Productivity Workshops

Our Mind-Body Skills workshops help your employees learn a variety of simple and effective skills to turn work-related stress into productivity.  Read More These workshops are either a half or full day experience.  Participants gain an understanding about the negative effects of stress while learning practical stress reduction skills that can be used anytime. These workshops teach the basics—from a centering focus on breathing that can be practiced anywhere, to a moving meditation, ideal while walking to your next meeting.  Come to us, or we will gladly come to you!

Health & Wellness Fairs

Whether you are a corporation, an educational or a not-for-profit organization, having Blum Center for Health at your Health and Wellness Fair will give your employees or members invaluable information on self care and lifestyle changes that will improve their health.