Group Programs


We offer 3 medically-sound group detox programs for you to choose from.  Benefits include weight loss, reduced inflammation, improved mental clarity and fewer cravings.  See which one resonates with you…

5-Day Intense Cleanse

The jumpstart you’re looking for!

Looking to boost your metabolism, increase your energy, and lose a few pounds, all in just 5 days? Read more

Food Focus: Vegetables and Liver Support Protein Shakes

The food plan, protein shakes and supplements you will take for the five days are essential for helping the liver eliminate toxins. This is a classic Functional Medicine Intense Detox program, and includes 4 shakes each day plus unlimited cruciferous and other vegetables. 

7-Day Kitchari Fat Flush

Heal your gut. Lose body fat.

We are always researching new ideas & techniques to help you remove toxins from your body.  This deep Ayurvedic cleanse helps you efficiently remove fat-stored toxins by igniting your fat metabolism. Read more

Food Focus: Ghee, Split Mung Bean Porridge + Vegetables

Every morning you will drink ghee* (clarified butter) in increasing amounts.  You will eat a mono diet of Kitchari; a satisfying and tasty rice-yellow split mung bean porridge, and lots of veggies for all your meals. Kitchari is considered a comfort food in India and very healing for your gut. Because it is a complete meal, it provides you with the protein your body and liver needs to process and remove stored toxins.

*While ghee is made from butter, it is safe to take even if you are sensitive to dairy.  Ghee is 100% pure fat, and because all the milk protein has been removed, it does not trigger an allergic response.  However, if you have the kind of allergy to milk that gives you hives or requires an epi-pen, we do recommend using a different fat in the morning, either olive or coconut oil.  

21-Day Simply Detox*

Learn to live a detox lifestyle.

For those of you who enjoy a slow and steady approach, our 21-Day Simply Detox is the one for you!  It’s also the perfect segue from either our 5-Day Intense Cleanse or 7-Day Kitchari Fat Flush.  Read more

Food Focus:  Elimination Diet with 1 Daily Protein Shake

While still very powerful, this is by far the gentlest of our detoxes. Perfect for first-timers, as well as for those just wanting to re-boot. This detox is designed to help your liver do a better job of clearing out toxins from your body, in a balanced, comfortable way.

For three weeks, you will follow our classic Blum anti-inflammatory diet, which is easy to follow and focuses on eliminating gluten, dairy, soy, corn, eggs, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine from your daily regimen, while supporting your liver with supplements and protein shake.  This program is designed to bring awareness and to help you make permanent, health supportive changes to your lifestyle.  To continue weight loss, reduce a high toxin load, or to lower inflammation, many people choose to stay on this detox program for 3 months or longer.

*Note: The 21-Day Simply Detox is also offered as a free online program: ‘Do It With Us!’ Supporting Your Liver Through Detox for our out-of-town, as well as local detoxers, who need a little extra support.  

Weight Loss

Group Weight Loss Program

Powerful Support. Lasting Results.

Gather your friends and enjoy the power of the group dynamic as you discover which foods support your health, promote weight loss, and why.  Read more

Led by our talented Director of Nutrition, Mary Gocke, RDN, CDN, this group incudes 4 sessions over a 2 month period. At each session we have plenty of time for your questions, and being in a group, you will learn from each other and benefit from the support of the group. Here’s a glimpse into what each session entails:


We will review an easy to follow food plan, healthy recipes, and specific supplements designed to support your health and encourage weight loss. You will also learn how to permanently repair damaged metabolic pathways that are causing you to carry extra weight. These lasting lifestyle changes will decrease your food cravings, increase your energy, boost your mood, and correct imbalances.

Mindful Eating

Through exercises and discussion, we will explore your relationship to food, begin to understand your choices better, and learn to slow down while eating. With this knowledge comes the power to change the behavior that is not serving you.

Nutrition 101 In The Kitchen–Pantry Education

We will review the food basics; starting with learning how to read nutrition facts labels & ingredients lists so that you know exactly what you are choosing.  We will discuss the best (and worst) oils, grains, and sugars. With this valuable information you will have the know-how to stock your fridge, freezer, and pantry with what you need to be successful. Plus, we will check-in and discuss any questions or issues that may come up.

Nutrition In The Kitchen Cooking Demo – Anti-inflammatory Foods for a High Metabolism

Mary will be joined by one of our amazing chefs, and together lead this experiential session where you will go deeper into understanding what you should eat to be lean and feel energized. We will also have time to wrap up and discuss next steps.