Immune Support Consult

We’re here for you.

Thank you all for your enthusiastic response to my email updates, webinars, Friday LIVE Office Hours, Instagram Stories, and all the ways that I have been trying to support our community.  These are difficult times for all of us, and the fear of the unknown makes it all so much worse. That’s why I have been working hard to share information and updates about COVID testing, treatment, supplements and public health issues.  It is my mission to offer hope by interpreting and explaining where we are at, what we can expect, and what we can do, as each week changes and passes.


Announcing: Immune Support Consultations … You Asked, I Listened

During my live Q/A sessions, it has become clear that many of you have great need for medical advice that is unique to your situation.  Even though I try to answer questions about how specific health issues or medication you are taking might impact risk or choice of supplements in the large forum, it just isn’t enough.  In response to this need, I am excited to announce that our team at Blum Center has created an accessible way for you to see us, so that we can support your needs during this time.


We are now offering a 45-Minute Immune Support Consultation for $295 for New Patients*

Here is what your Immune Support Consultation includes:

  1. Targeted review of your health issues and how they might impact your immune system and risk for COVID-19.
  2. Personalized recommendations for reducing your risk.
  3. Personalized recommendations for improving your immune function, including nutrition, lifestyle, gut health, assessment of toxin load.
  4. Complete review of your supplements, with recommendations for immune support given your unique health issues.
  5. When Antibody (Immunity) home testing becomes available, we can order it for you, because you will be an established patient of our office. (FYI: Patients get priority testing!)
  6. Get your most pressing questions answered!
  7. After your consultation, should you choose to continue to work with us as a new patient, your Immune Support Consultation Fee will be applied to your New Patient Package!

*If you are already an active patient at Blum Center and want an Immune Support Consultation, simply call the front desk at (914) 652-7800 and schedule a 30 or 45 minute visit with your practitioner.

To learn more about the Immune Support Consult, schedule a call with our New Patient and Membership Manager.  Select a date and time to get started!  We use HIPAA compliant medical-office level Zoom, like we have for the past 5 years, with confidence.  Please note, this is a one-time consultation, not a comprehensive new patient appointment, and as such other than possible Antibody testing, no other tests will be ordered.  If you already know that you are interested in a complete Functional Medicine evaluation with testing, we suggest starting now as a new patient.  You can learn more about that here.