Elizabeth Greig, MSN, FNP

Nurse Practitioner - Functional Medicine

Elizabeth Greig brings over 25 years of healthcare experience to Blum Center for Health. In her dual role as our Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner and a teacher in our Mind.Body.Spirit programs, Elizabeth helps treat and heal patients with complex chronic health conditions and has done so for over two decades. She also brings her personal meditation experience to our comprehensive Mind.Body.Spirit programs. Whether she’s treating a medical condition or leading a class in meditation, Elizabeth helps people understand that when it comes to healing, it’s more about nourishing life, than it is about battling illness.

Functional Medicine

Elizabeth was educated at the Yale School of Nursing with a Masters of Science in Nursing and went on to become an Assistant Professor of Nursing there. During her concurrent appointment in primary care at Yale-New Haven Hospital, Elizabeth worked closely with patients suffering from chronic conditions and became even more convinced that a healthy lifestyle could prevent so many of these illnesses. As a certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Elizabeth’s primary areas of focus are Preventive and Functional Medicine, and treating complex chronic disease.   Before joining us at Blum Center for Health and shifting full time into Functional Medicine, Elizabeth worked as an Internist at The Mount Kisco Medical Croup.

Mind-Body-Spirit Programs

Elizabeth’s soul-searching journey around the world enhances her work as a clinical practitioner. Her global expedition began with the American Refugee Committee at the war-torn Thai-Cambodian Border. There, she taught displaced Cambodians how to staff their camp hospitals and clinics. Searching for peace, she then traveled to India where she lived for the next decade studying meditation while providing medical care to rural Indians living in poverty. She worked with many international health volunteers and learned about a variety of traditional healing modalities as well as mind-body specialties. She is still actively involved with charitable organizations that have programs in India, Mexico, and rural New York.

Continuing her studies of the mind and body, Elizabeth is trained and certified by The Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM) in leading Mind-Body Skills Groups, using the CMBM model. Her intention at Blum Center for Health is to empower her patients and students to take charge of their health by making their bodies a place where wellness thrives. Clearly, Elizabeth practices what she preaches. She starts each day with meditation and continues the Hatha yoga practice she began over 30 years ago as a teenager when her parents took her to her first class.