Elizabeth Greig, MSN, FNP

Nurse Practitioner - Functional Medicine

Elizabeth Greig brings over 30 years of medical experience to Blum Center for Health, focusing on treating adults and teens with autoimmune conditions; women’s health including menopause, PCOS and premenstrual syndrome; genomics; gastrointestinal dysfunction; cholesterol and cardiometabolic risk; and other chronic health conditions. She combines functional medicine evaluations and treatments with a comprehensive lifestyle and nutrition approach in order to optimize health and wellness.

Together with Dr. Blum, Elizabeth is one of the two founding medical practitioners at Blum Center and she is also Director of the Nutritional and Medical IV Therapy program. She is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner and holds certification in Functional Medicine from the Institute for Functional Medicine. She has also taken advanced training with the Center for Mind Body Medicine under the direction of Dr. James Gordon.

Elizabeth earned her Masters of Science in Nursing at the Yale School of Nursing and served on faculty as an Assistant Professor of Nursing at Yale with a clinical practice in Primary Care. After Yale, she spent ten years offering voluntary service on a mobile medical clinic in rural India where she also studied and practiced meditation. Elizabeth worked in internal medicine and as a hospitalist at CareMount Medical Group (formerly Mount Kisco Medical Group) before joining Blum Center.

In partnership with her patients, Elizabeth takes time to discover the unique factors that influence the health of each person she sees and then designs an individualized medical testing regimen and treatment program for them. She addresses the foundations of health through treatments for gut microbiome imbalances, detoxification support, nutritional advice, mitochondrial energy production, and mind-body practices to reduce the stress response.

Elizabeth began her meditation and yoga practices before college and continues them to this day. Through her personal and professional practice, she has had many first-hand experiences of the power of the mind-body connection and ways to prevent stress from coming into the body, which she loves to share with her patients. She enjoys healthy cooking, biking and hiking in the Catskills, and traveling to visit family in Guatemala, Mexico, and Hawaii.