Stephan J. Quentzel, MD, MA

Integrative Psychiatrist

Stephan J. Quentzel, MD, MA is a true integrative psychiatrist, turning to the wealth of science and the riches of tradition to attend comprehensively to the needs of spirit and brain, psychology and physiology, mind and body. Trained together as a psychiatrist and as a family physician, board certified in psychiatry and integrative medicine, experienced for twenty years as a passionate clinician, excited nonstop by the role of healer, and convinced that compassion and therapeutic relationship are at the core of the finest clinical services, Dr. Quentzel practices elegant and effective mental health care with a unified view of the patient and he insists that the goal of treatment be pursuit of optimal, in its broadest terms. As a holistic psychiatrist, relieving the most serious suffering is paramount, but so is nourishing the most productive wellness.

In his practice, Dr. Quentzel sees teenagers and adults for the widest of psychiatric concerns: emotional wellness, depression and anxiety problems, troubled relations with food, women’s full life cycle of mental health issues (including in and around pregnancy), addiction, psychiatric medication side-effect management, excessive stress, personality concerns, focus and attention deficits, existential and philosophical crises, pain experiences, sleep inadequacies, psychosomatic complaints, mood swings, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and similar central hypersensitivity syndromes, behavioral challenges, mind-body disconnect, and brain fitness.

Holistic psychiatry with Stephan Quentzel begins with thorough diagnostic interviewing and laboratory testing, since the more insight gained into the problem, the more targeted can be the solution. While the total of care is greater than merely the sum of its parts, he integrates brain sciences and psychiatry with general medicine, psychopharmacology, psychology, philosophy and social analysis, ecology, psychotherapies, preventive medicine, herbal pharmacotherapy and nutritional studies, self-help, lifestyle improvements, the power of doing good, and the healing strength of compassion and relationship, all in pursuit of optimal broad health and happiness for each client, specific to their unique needs and interests. And it works.

Beyond his dedicated clinical participation at the Blum Center for Health, Dr. Quentzel, in New York City, has a busy private practice in general and integrative psychiatry and he is Medical Director of The Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine. Stephan Quentzel, as well, is Assistant Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center. He has appeared on many television news broadcasts, he is known to radio and internet audiences around the country, and he is author of and referenced in a long list of newspaper, magazine and journal articles.

Stephan Quentzel, MD, MA has refined his clinical and health policy expertise by practicing medicine on the Hopi and Navajo reservations in the American Southwest; by traveling throughout Nicaragua and Guatemala on a health care delegation; by drawing on his enlightening audiences with The Dalai Lama and other leading Tibetan spiritual and political dignitaries at their home base in Dharamsala, India; by adventuring wide-eyed around the globe and down his own city block; by sitting attentively with Mother Nature; and by embracing social activism to encourage that fundamentals of individual and societal well-being be adopted widely into popular outlook, public policy and medical practice.

Dr. Quentzel considers it a remarkable privilege to be a physician, he believes in a humanistic practice of medicine/psychiatry, and he hopes that he makes a difference.