Functional Medicine Mentorship Program

Thank you for your interest in the Mentorship Program at Blum Center for Health.  Susan Blum, MD, MPH has created this program to offer Functional Medicine practitioners with an MD, DO or ND degree, the opportunity to see our Functional Medicine practice in action from start to finish.  We envision this program as an important opportunity for clinical training supervised by Dr. Blum, as you work to be Certified in Functional Medicine.  In addition to the clinical opportunity, we will share the practice management tools that have allowed us to be one of the most successful Functional Medicine Centers in the country.  

Upon completion of the program, we will offer you a Blum Center for Health Functional Medicine Training Certificate, as proof that you completed the mentorship program with us.

Improve your Functional Medicine Clinical Skills:

  • Learn management of complex chronic illness from an expert first hand
  • Review use of timeline and matrix and apply as needed
  • Review treatment plan and follow up program for each patient
  • Review use of supplements and nutritional protocols
  • Review labs in context with each patient and review functional testing in general
  • Observe Dr. Blum’s daily schedule in action with patient flow throughout the office
  • In addition to Dr. Blum, we have a large clinical staff of 2 Physicians, 1 Nurse Practitioner, and 1 Functional Nutritionist, all ready to support you and answer questions.

Learn Practice Management Tools You Can Use:

  • Use of EMR and practice management software  
  • New patient scheduling:  managing calls/inquiries, forms, cancellation policy, deposits, booking, wait lists
  • Cash flow:  Fee for service model, with printed insurance forms provided at time of visit.  Review payments, policies, pricing.  
  • Schedule management to keep all practitioners full and busy
  • PR and marketing:  role for growing the practice and filling programs.
  • Inventory management for supplements
  • Online program/health coaches
  • Our entire staff, including Center Manager, Patient Care Coordinator, Medical Assistant, Media and Communications Manager, Research Manager and 3 Front Office Administrators are all ready to support you and answer questions and share what we have learned since we opened 5 years ago:  invaluable!

2018 Mentorship Schedule and Pricing

2018 Mentorship Requirements and Application