How you live your life and the connection you feel to yourself and others is at the very core of our values, and at the very center of health and wellness. We offer a variety of programs in both group and individual settings to help you learn skills to cultivate these qualities.

Meditation Classes

Managing Stress Mindfully

Explore the merits of mindfulness and how it can enhance your life.  Our approach to mindfulness is a simple one. Focusing your awareness is essential in learning how to manage the emotional triggers that tend to dominate your mind, actions, and reactions. Mindfulness is the first step in improving your relationship with yourself and others.  Your instructor will gently guide you with effective tools you can take with you and easily incorporate into your daily meditation practice.  You will have the opportunity to share your experience and ask questions.  Learn more or register here.

Transformation Through Meditation

Come join us for peace of mind, ease in the body, and all that supports your well-being.  Meditating proactively can help you transform your life.  In this class, offered weekly, you will learn practical tools so you can make positive changes on all levels of consciousness. Learn more or register here.

Guided Imagery Meditation

This class provides nurturing guidance for the novice, or seasoned meditator. With instruction on posture and breath, you will be led through a guided imagery experience. This “wakeful dreaming” can harness your intuition to bring more peace and satisfaction in your life.  Learn more or register here.


Individual Mind-Body Consultations

Meditation, Feng Shui, Spiritual Counseling, Life Mapping and Individualized Yoga are consultations offered by our experienced Mind.Body.Spirit practitioners. If you’d like more personalized attention, consider an individual consultation.


One-Day Mindfulness Retreat

Learn valuable mind-body techniques that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine, resulting in an enriched and purposeful life.  Read more

Our one-day retreat was created to offer an intensive experience for learning and growth. Led by Susan Blum, MD, MPH and Elizabeth Greig, MSN, FNP, you will learn new skills, more about yourself, and leave feeling more grounded and calmer than when you arrived.  Bring your own lunch, we will provide everything else you need for the day, including healthy snacks.  Learn more about our One Day Mindfulness Retreat.

Mind-Body Skills Group

Understanding the connection between life and how it affects your mind, body, and spirit can have lasting effects.  Read more

Mind-Body Skills Groups provide a safe, supportive, intimate environment to gently begin the journey towards self-discovery, optimal health, plus reducing and relieving stress. These groups are based on the model designed and taught internationally by the renowned Center for Mind Body Medicine in Washington DC. Elizabeth Greig, FNP, teaches this series of powerful, effective, research-based healing tools such as meditation, breathing, drawing and biofeedback. Anyone can benefit from the deepening self-awareness that comes from these explorations. However, if you are facing a particular health or life challenge and want a deeper understanding about the connection between what is happening on the outside (life!) and what is happening on the inside (your body, mind and spirit), then this group is for you. Groups are limited to ten participants and meet for 90 minutes for 6 weeks. There are 2 series, A and B, with different skills taught in each series.

Both evening and day groups are continually being formed.  Learn more about the 6 Week Mind Body Skills Workshop.