These past two years, many states around the country passed emergency laws for the Covid pandemic that gave us temporary medical licenses.  This was amazing and allowed us to provide healthcare services to many new patients who otherwise wouldn’t be able to see us.  Unfortunately, most states have now rescinded their emergency laws and we can no longer provide Telemedicine to our patients while they are at home, in states where we are not licensed.  


We have been working hard to sort through this complicated mess that we now find ourselves in.  To provide best practices and guidance for our patients, these are the rules that we will be following going forward:


  • Travel to Blum Center
    • No matter where you live, you can travel to see us.  We are completely open again post-pandemic, and in-person visits are always welcomed and allowed.  If you live in a state where we aren’t licensed, you will need to always come see us in person for all your medical visits.  
  • Telemedicine options
    • We have 4 Integrative/Functional Medicine Physicians at Blum Center, and between us we are licensed in these states:  
      • New York
      • Connecticut
      • New Jersey
      • Texas
      • Florida 
      • To accommodate requests, we are applying for licensing in California and Massachusetts in 2022
    • What matters most is where you are physically located when we have our consultation.  Therefore, if you have a family member or a place to visit in a neighboring state where we are licensed, we can provide telemedicine services while you are there.  
    • Another option:  Functional Medicine with our outstanding Nutritionist Vicki Kobliner.  Vicki has several decades of clinical experience and her license allows her to see patients in most states in the country (contact our New Patient Coordinator HERE to find out if you qualify).  If it’s not possible to see someone on the medical team, we strongly recommend you see her.  At Blum Center we have a team approach and Vicki has strong medical support for any complicated questions or issues.


  • Every one of our patients has a different story, situation and solution, and we are addressing this on an individual basis.  Contact us if you haven’t heard from us yet and/or have any questions.
  • In general, we are asking everyone who lives in a state where we aren’t licensed to come back to see us in person or travel to a neighboring state for a telemedicine visit.
  • If this isn’t possible, you will have the option of continuing your care with Vicki Kobliner or we can help you find a referral where you live.
  • Your practitioner will discuss these options with you.