Personalized Genetic Program

IntellexDNA testing

At Blum Center for Health in Westchester, we consider personalized medicine the very essence of our foundation, a principle that we have championed since our inception.  Which is why all of our clinicians are thrilled to now offer a game-changing genetic test that promises a new level of personalized healthcare. 

IntellexDNA is a genomic test that shows us your body’s unique blueprint, allowing us to personalize your treatment plans with precision. IntellxxDNA stands out as an unparalleled tool in personalized medicine. Its reports are extremely detailed, exploring over 700 genetic markers (SNPs) and incorporating a database of over 10,000 scientific references. These reports aid us in understanding the intricate interaction of these variants and their impact on your life, offering actionable, evidence-based intervention strategies tailored to your genetic makeup for true personalized care.

What can I learn about my health with genetic testing? 

This test will provide us with profound insights into various aspects of your health, including: 

  • Root causes of common health concerns including heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, thyroid, obesity, and macular issues. 
  • Variants related to response to anesthesia and pain meds, factors contributing to blood clots, clearance of mercury and chemicals, food and gluten intolerance, and key methylation, nutrient, and vitamin panels. 
  • Brain and cognitive health including APOE e4 gene variant and hundreds of other DNA variants relating to subtle changes in your memory. These include factors that cause low oxygen, vascular changes, and loss of brain cells. 
  • Variants related to brain nutrition, how you process various toxic compounds, as well as SNPs relating to inflammation, methylation, mitochondria, and hormones

What is the value of genetic testing? 

Traditionally, pinpointing the root cause of health concerns could take multiple tests and trial-and-error methods, often leading to increasing costs. IntellxxDNA equips us with a comprehensive view of your health right from the start, minimizing guesswork, reducing the need for numerous tests, and saving both time and money. It’s a one-time investment that provides valuable insights for years to come. 

This isn’t just revolutionary; it’s a transformative approach to health. 

Our DNA test is your first step towards a healthier, more informed future.  Ready to embrace a new era of personalized care with genetic testing? Our clinicians are available for in-person visits in Westchester County, NY and virtually. Click on the Talk To An Advisor button below to make your appointment!