What to Expect

Blum Education Center

The Functional Medicine model is an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that empowers patients and practitioners to work together to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness. Therefore, our appointments take longer than a conventional doctor, up to two hours depending on the practitioner. Yes, we spend that much time with you!

Here’s what you can expect as a new patient at Blum Center for Health:

Initial Consultation

Being healthy isn’t just one factor of your life; it is the culmination of your life. Your first visit takes us on an in-depth investigation into all aspects of your health and lifestyle, as well as medical and family history.

This visit also includes a thorough assessment of all the lifestyle factors that affect your health: stress, sleep quality, digestion, hormone balance, immunity, environmental exposures and more.

By the end of this visit, your practitioner will have a solid understanding of you and the most important aspects of your well-being. This foundational piece (your life and history!) informs the next steps to your best possible health.

Testing and lab work

Central to determining the root cause of illness, we utilize functional lab testing such as gut function and microbiome analysis, hormone testing, inflammatory markers, nutrient testing, genetic testing and food sensitivity or allergy testing. We also use traditional blood testing. You and your practitioner will work together to create a testing plan that is targeted to your needs. We don’t believe in unnecessary testing.

Plan & Treatment

At your second appointment, your practitioner will review your test results with you, and present you with your Personalized Program which will include:

  • A targeted nutrition plan
  • Treatment for the root causes and functional imbalances discovered from testing.
  • Clinically relevant supportive nutrients.
  • Powerful lifestyle changes that align with your customized treatment plan, and will support your health goals & challenges.

Nutrition & Health Coaching

Our new patient packages include ongoing support to help you reach your health goals.
This includes a 45-minute nutrition consult session where you will learn about more about how to implement the personalized nutrition plan prescribed by your practitioner. . Your plan is entirely based on your lab results and nutrition history.

Central to getting healthy is staying on track! Your 45-minute session with our Health Coach will provide individualized guidance and support in implementing therapeutic plans, addressing barriers, and working through the day-to-day challenges that arise as you continue on your journey toward health.