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A Functional Approach To Health

We specialize in reversing chronic conditions by treating the root cause through personalized medicine and functional nutrition.

What we do

Come see us if you have a chronic health
condition or to prevent chronic conditions and achieve optimal health.

Conditions we treat

Are you ready to feel better?  Our highly trained team of multi-specialty physicians, nutritionists and health coaches are ready to help.

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As Founder and Director of Blum Center for Health,
Dr. Blum leads a large and well trained
multi-specialty team of physicians, nurse practitioners,
nutritionists and health coaches, all committed to each other, the vision of the center and our clients.

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Blum kitchen

We teach Food as Medicine,
giving you all the tools to cook
delicious, plant-based food to
create a healthier life.



We teach life-changing self-care tools
so you can achieve more balance
in mind, body, and spirit.



Receive efficient and
effective levels of vitamins through
intravenous infulsions

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Treat problems at the source
with our online programs
each created to support you along
the path to feeling better

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3-Step Guide for
Healing Arthritis

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4-Step Program
to Treat
Autoimmune Disease

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January 2018

31Wednesday 31st12345
  • 10:00am Intro to Meditation
  • 6
  • 10:00am Ease into Mindfulness
  • 101112
  • 10:00am Intro to Meditation
  • 13
  • 10:00am Ease into Mindfulness
  • 1718Thursday 18th
  • 11:00am Healing Arthritis Book Recipes #2
  • 7:00pm Personalized Medicine for the Brain
  • 19Friday 19th
  • 10:00am Intro to Meditation
  • 20
    2122Monday 22nd
  • 7:00pm 14- Day Detox
  • 23Tuesday 23rd
  • 7:00pm Get to the Root of Your Reflux: A community talk with Elizabeth Greig, FNP and Sezelle Gereau, MD
  • 2425Thursday 25th
  • 6:30pm Stock up! Stews and Soups: Healthy Hibernation Foods to Freeze
  • 26Friday 26th
  • 10:00am Intro to Meditation
  • 27
    28293031Wednesday 31st
  • 7:00pm Integrated Treatments for Depression
  • 123

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