Why Intravenous (IV) Therapy?

IV Therapy directly delivers into your blood stream the essential nutrients that your body needs to function. When given intravenously, these nutrients bypass your digestive system and liver, making them 100% bioavailable to all the cells in your body.

Why our IVs

Our IVs provide hydration, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & amino acids that are critical to support all of your metabolic processes to achieve optimal wellness and also to treat underlying imbalances that might be causing your symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, or difficulty losing weight.

Infusions given at Blum Center pack in more vitamins at higher doses than walk-in centers and can make a real difference for your health, especially if you are dealing with a complex chronic issues like getting sick a lot, autoimmunity, neurology, headaches, arthritis, heavy metals or other toxicity, lyme disease, to name a few.

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Our menu

Myers Cocktail

All the basic vitamins you need delivered directly to your cells



Removes heavy metals, lowers toxic load, and boosts weight loss



Boost your immune system by decreasing oxidation & generation of inflammatory cytokines to aid cold, flu, and illness recovery



Aids in recovery from both acute and long-COVID by improving mitochondrial function, decreasing inflammation, and rebalancing the immune system. Includes three bags and one injection


Mito recovery

Treats fatigue and aids in re-booting the mitochondria that have been damaged by chronic infections, such as lyme and mold. Includes three bags and one injection



Ultimate antioxidant and detoxifier

$175/ $115 add-on

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Powerful antioxidant targeted to aid the mitochondria, brain, and nervous system

$175/ $115 add-on


A critical mitochondria coenzyme that is required to make energy & and also helps remove toxins from the cell. NAD+ increases cognition, helps to repair DNA, reverse aging, eliminate free radicals, combat depression, aid in muscle recovery, and improve general well-being

NAD+ 500 mg: $600 single
NAD+ 750 mg: $750 single

Energy & Focus

Boost energy, mental clarity, and performance


Hair, Skin & Nails

Essential nutrients for hair/nail growth and glowing skin


Athletic Performance

Increases lean muscle, improves blood flow & oxygenation and removes lactic acid from your muscles



Extra fluids feel great after intense exercise, partying, or jet lag

1 liter: $155 single
Half liter: $85


For iron deficient anemia from chronic blood loss (fibroids, heavy periods, GI bleeding etc.) or those who cannot tolerate oral iron supplementation


High Dose Vitamin C

Reduce your viral load from infections like Epstein Barr and COVID or adjunct to chemotherapy for cancer.

Price depends on the dose required. Contact us if interested.

Immunoglobulin G (IVIG)

For immune deficiency or certain autoimmune disorders

Price depends on the dose required. Contact us if interested.

MIC Injections

Methionine, Inositol, & Choline work synergistically to promote fat and weight loss when used in conjunction with lifestyle modifications


% Buy 3, get $100 off your 4th infusion for select infusions

Ready to get started?

New Patients: Prior to an infusion, you’ll have a screening consultation with our Infusion Director. You can have an infusion the same day as your consult.

Existing patients of Blum Center (you’ve seen your practitioner in the past 12 months): you can send your practitioner a message in the portal and request that they order the IV for you. You can decide together the best one for you to start with. After that, our Infusion Director can re-order what you need.

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