IV Therapy


Why IV nutrition?

Intravenous nutrition is effective because it maximizes the delivery of the essential nutrients that are required for our bodies to function optimally. Nutrients such as vitamins and minerals provide what is necessary for our cells to properly function; without them, the membranes in our cells can weaken and lose the ability to protect the cell’s DNA and mitochondria. Water, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids are also critical to support the myriad processes that occur in our bodies every day. With IV administration, these critical nutrients bypass the digestive system and are fully available in the bloodstream. Even those of us living a clean life can need extra support at the cellular level.

Here is our current IV menu.  If you aren’t sure which one is right for you, we can help you choose!


Wellness IV’s:

Build your Foundation: The foundation of IV therapy, the Myers Cocktail treats basic nutrient deficiencies and helps with energy, productivity and general wellness. It also provides the support you need while healing your gut.

Detoxify: Combats the urban everyday exposures of harmful pollutants, chemicals and heavy metals to lower your toxin load, boost weight loss and support overall well-being. The perfect partner for all Blum Center programs and the work you are doing with your practitioner.

Energize: Myers Cocktail with higher dosing of vitamins plus amino acids important in mitochondrial energy production to boost mental clarity and performance.

Hair, Skin & Nails: Myers Cocktail plus n-acetyl cysteine and biotin, nutrients essential for hair growth, as well as extra zinc and selenium.

Boost Immunity: Myers Cocktail plus a generous dose of Vitamin C along with zinc and other micronutrients to aid cold, flu and illness recovery.  We recommend following the drip with an add-on of Glutathione for optimal immune support.

Hydrate: Physiologic salt water or another electrolyte solution that will fill up your tank after intense exercise, jet lag, or a weekend of celebrating.

Glutathione: The ultimate antioxidant and detoxifier. Glutathione is the secret to looking and feeling younger while supporting the immune system.


IV Therapy for Specific Medical Conditions:

High Dose Vitamin C: High dose vitamin C up to 100 grams per infusion has been shown in research studies to reduce viral load from chronic Epstein Barr infections which can affect energy and immune health.  This therapy is also used as part of a cancer treatment and prevention protocol and improves tolerance to chemotherapy with less pain, reduced infections, and more energy.  Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant and it is this quality that helps to eradicate viruses and cancer cells.  Prescription only.

Ferrlicit Iron: For treatment of significant iron deficiency anemia from chronic blood loss (e.g., fibroids, heavy periods, etc.) or those who can’t tolerate oral iron because of constipation or GI upset. Ferrlicit is a well-tolerated IV iron therapy that will replenish your iron stores.  Prescription only.

Phosphatidylcholine: Phospholipid replacement for damaged cell and mitochondrial membranes used in treatment of chronic Lyme, mycotoxin-related illness, and some central nervous system disorders.  Prescription only.

Headache Relief: This formula provides excellent relief for moderate to severe headaches and will often break the cycle of pain from chronic headaches.  It is high in magnesium and extra B vitamins.

Plaquex ® for High Cholesterol and Atherosclerosis: Plaquex® brand phosphatidylcholine has been shown to reduce plaque burden in those with known coronary artery and carotid artery disease.  Prescription only.


IV Program Booster Shots:

Methyl B12: Subcutaneous injection for B12 deficiency, available by our nurse or for self-injection at home.


Ready to get started?

New IV program patients need to be medically screened.  If you are an existing patient, please check with your practitioner before scheduling your first appointment for your IV.

For Clients new to Blum Center for Health: Schedule a one-time initial screening visit with Elizabeth Greig, FNP who will order the required screening blood tests and inform you about the program before you begin. This screening visit is to determine the safety of IV therapy for you and does not include diagnosis or treatment recommendations other than for one of the specific wellness IVs we offer.

For IV Therapy for Specific Medical Conditions, you will need to become a patient of one of the health care practitioners at Blum Center.

Call (914) 652-7800 to schedule your IV or your screening visit, or to request our current price list.  You can also email us with questions at info@blumcenterforhealth.com.