A 4-Step Program To Heal Your Immune System


The Immune System Recovery Plan offers a 4-Step Program to heal your immune system, and “Do it With Us!” is the online companion to the book. We invite you to join one of our free online groups that offer support and guidance as you work your way through each step of the program. Let's Go

Step 1: Using Food As Medicine

Changing the food you eat is the single most powerful lifestyle change you can make to heal your immune system. A gluten free diet is just the beginning.

Step 2: Balancing Your Stress Hormones

Stress has a huge impact on your immune system, but you can learn the tools that will prevent your outside stressors from making you sick.

Step 3: Healing Your Gut

When you balance the good bacteria in your digestive tract and the functioning of your gut, you begin to heal your leaky gut and immune system.

Step 4: Supporting Your Liver With Detox

Eating certain foods and taking specific supplements that help your liver excrete stored toxins can help repair a damaged immune system.