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  • Food Education Class: 1 hour class will teach you the “how to” basics of the different food plans we use at Blum Center for Health. Topics include Gluten Free, Low Glycemic and Detox/Elimination Diets.
  • Demonstration Class: 1.5 hour class. Our Chef will demonstrate how to prepare
    delicious dishes based on a specific health related topic or ethnic theme. Small tastings will be given throughout the class.
  • Hands-on Cooking Class: 2.5 hour class. Each hands-on participation class will include an introductory nutrition discussion, cooking education, and food preparation. The class ends with a delicious and nutritious meal enjoyed together.
  • Lunch and Learn with Dr. Blum: 2 hour class. Dr. Blum will join our Demonstration Class and teach about the medicinal and nutritional qualities of the food we will prepare and taste.

Each month we offer all of the above categories, with many different health related topics and themes.

The following icons will help you choose the right class for you.  As you will see, the majority of our classes are Gluten and Dairy free, and all recipes can be adjusted to accommodate food sensitivities. Please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies or sensitivities by emailing

G = Gluten free

D = Dairy free

V = Vegan

S = Low sugar and low glycemic

I = Low inflammation


Gluten Free

Do you suspect you have a gluten sensitivity or know someone who does? In this 1 hour Food Education class, Culinary Director Marti Wolfson will discuss the health benefits and how to transition to a gluten free diet. You will learn how to navigate the supermarket and stock your pantry, where to buy less common ingredients, and you will be given great menu and recipe ideas.

Low Glycemic

A low glycemic diet is the core nutritional approach we use at Blum Center for Health because evidence shows it can lower blood sugar and inflammation, balance hormones, and support a healthy metabolism and weight loss. It is a diet low in white flour and sugar, and can help with food cravings, mood and energy. Culinary Director Marti Wolfson will teach you how to successfully begin eating this way, and how to navigate the supermarket and stock your pantry with the most nutrient dense foods.


Kitchen Pantry Makeover: Essential Whole Food Ingredients

This class will teach you how to give your kitchen a healthy makeover. You’ll discover which essential whole foods you need to stock, and which ones to toss. Here, you’ll also learn about easy-to-find ingredients that are crucial for good health such as various oils and vinegars, salts, sea vegetables, beans, grains and natural sweeteners. You’ll get tips on the most essential cooking equipment and proper food storage. With this basic Nutrition@BlumKitchen class, you’ll become a more confident shopper and get inspired to cook and eat the very best foods for your health.

The Healing Kitchen: 10 Cures for Common Health Concerns

Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food

Your kitchen can be your medicine cabinet! Let us show you how to alleviate symptoms such as headaches, nausea, loss of appetite, coughing, congestion, insomnia and even hangovers. In The Healing Kitchen, you’ll learn about the many uses for oils, herbs, teas and soups and the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential fats you can benefit from when you’re not feeling your best. These kitchen pharmacy tips can be used in everyday cooking, too, and are a great sequel to the kitchen makeover class.


Each class below is offered at different times in both demo and full hands on participation format. Check the monthly calendar to see these details.

Healthy Meals in a Hurry

Anyone can create beautiful, delicious, and healthy recipes in very little time. Chef Marti will teach you how to think like a chef and how to prepare several meals with the same ingredients so that feeding yourself and your family fresh foods is simple – not stressful. You’ll also feel good knowing that the recipes you’re making help lower inflammation and blood sugar.

Breakfast for Champs


Starting your day off with a good breakfast benefits your energy, metabolism and digestion. In this class you will cook up a range of sweet and savory breakfasts that satisfy busy weekday mornings and leisurely weekend brunches.

The Healthy Gut


A healthy gut is critical for good digestion and absorption, a strong immune system and preventing food allergies. This class will teach you how to achieve this by creating and maintaining a healthy intestinal lining and good balance of friendly flora with foods and recipes that will support this process. In this Lunch and Learn, Dr. Blum will help you understand the relationship between your digestive tract and systemic illness while Chef Marti cooks and serves a delicious lunch based on good gut health.

Gluten Free 1-2-3 

The amazing ancient grains


We now realize that many people are sensitive to gluten, a protein found in a variety of grains, even if they don’t have the extreme form of this allergy called Celiac disease. But today it’s easier than ever to go gluten-free thanks to the availability of “ancient grains.” These offer more vitamins and protein while helping to stabilize your blood sugar. This class teaches you delicious recipes that help you transition to a gluten- free lifestyle without compromising taste and satisfaction.

Gluten Free Italian


Italian food is delicious but people with gluten sensitivities can have a hard time enjoying it. This class will teach you alternative recipes, including sauces, risotto, pastas and soups in the Italian style with a gluten free twist.

Foods to De-Stress


Burning the candle at both ends? Many people experience adrenal fatigue and don’t even know it. With good nutrition you can help reduce the effects of stress on the body and give your adrenals a healthy boost.

Simply Sprouting


Sprouting is one of the best ways to eat beans and lentils while they are raw. With a little time and attention you can have sprouted chickpeas, mung beans, french lentils and others legumes in just days. They are wonderful on salads, sandwiches and as a snack. Learn how easy it is to do at home.

Targeting Teens and Tweens 

Foods for focus, energy, and healthy weight


Focus, energy and healthy weight are all greatly influenced by diet. What better way to help your child eat well than to get him/her cooking in the kitchen? We offer this class to middle (ages 10-14) and high school students (ages 14-18) to teach them healthy ways to cook the foods they love and how to use good-for-you foods to maintain their mental and physical health. This is perfect for all ages, whether they’re living at home or heading off to college to cook for themselves.  We also offer a parent/child version of this class…it will be noted in the schedule.

Foods for the Thyroid 

Getting to Know Your Sea Vegetables


Sea Vegetables are one of the most health-supportive food groups we can eat, especially for optimal function of the thyroid gland. But the nori wrapped around fish in Japanese tradition isn’t the only delicious sea vegetable you can find. There are many varieties of these unique plants which offer an abundance of minerals like iodine, iron, zinc, boron, tin, and selenium to name a few. This class will enhance your knowledge of sea vegetables and show you how to add them to your daily diet.

Best Vegetarian Proteins 

Powerful ways to get the nutrition you need


It’s no secret that a vegetarian-based diet offers an array of health benefits. But how can you get enough protein and prevent nutritional deficiencies when you’re limiting meat? This class will answer that question by showing you a wide assortment of quality vegetarian proteins including legumes, tofu, tempeh and miso and recipes that make them satisfying and delicious.

Cancer Fighting Foods 

Edible ways to ward off disease


Food is medicine and when it comes to preventing cancer we can do a lot through our diet. This class will teach you which foods are the top cancer fighters and how to prepare them in order to reap their health benefits. Whether you are looking to reduce the risk of cancer or its recurrence, you’ll learn which ingredients and everyday foods are bursting with anti-cancer compounds, like antioxidants and phytochemicals, and how to include them in your daily diet.

Spring  Detox 

Good for You Greens


This class is an introduction to safe and healthy ways to detoxify the body using greens. Herbs and green leafy vegetables like lettuces, kale, chard, dandelion greens, cilantro, and parsley provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that support the body while naturally helping support your liver to remove toxins. Adding these foods to your diet can help prevent cancer, reduce inflammation, boost your immune system and improve digestion. You will leave this class knowing which green vegetables are healthiest and the best way to prepare them.

Building Strong Bones: Alkaline Foods


Bone-building foods can help prevent and treat osteopenia, osteoporosis, and serious diseases that can impair your health and quality of life. The best foods for this are vegetable-based because they create an alkaline environment in your body (as opposed to animal products which create an acidic one). This class will teach you how to use your diet to maintain strong bones, and new ways of cooking mineral-rich foods.

Basic Knife Skills


Knife skills are the key to becoming a confident cook in the kitchen. This class will cover all of the essential cutting techniques that you will use over and over again. After some practice you are bound to feel like the next Iron Chef!