Science has shown that diet, exercise, and stress reduction have an enormous impact on health. By making simple, positive lifestyle changes, the power of prevention can enhance your life for years to come. Allow us to enhance your Wellness Fair with our expertise in the areas of Mind-Body-Spirit.


Whether you are a corporation, an educational, or a not-for-profit organization, having Blum Center for Health at your Health and Wellness Fair will give your employees or members:

  • Motivation to make lifestyle changes that will improve their health
  • An inspirational and interactive experience that is unlike the typical passive look-and-see vendors
  • A hands-on activity at our table, such as a cooking demonstration
  • Information about new self-care techniques
  • Access to and information about Blum Center for Health, the only Functional Medicine and Lifestyle Education resource in the area!

Call us at (914) 652-7800,, for more information and availability.