Are you eating to satisfy your hunger, feed your emotions or fulfill a spiritual longing?  Come to our Healthy Eating course to explore your relationship to food, practice approaches to eating mindfully and learn new recipes and cooking skills.  This 4 week course combines Mind.Body.Spirit discovery with a participatory cooking class in our healthful cooking kitchen.  The course is led by Susan Scheufele, a certified Center for Mind Body Medicine teacher, and Chef Marti Wolfson, Culinary Director of Blum Center for Health.

We will meet for 3 hours each week, for 4 consecutive weeks.  During the first hour of each session, we will use Mind-Body exercises to explore and learn:

  • why we eat
  • how we eat
  • what we are hungry for
  • the relaxation response

We will spend the remaining 2 hours in the kitchen, mindfully eating and learning health supportive cooking:

  • Healthy Kitchen Pantry; Knife Skills
  • Best Vegetarian Proteins
  • Spring Detox
  • Healthy Meals in a Hurry

The course starts Wednesday, April 13 from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. .We will repeat the series every 2 months.  To register, or find out our next start date, please call Blum Center for Health at (914) 652-7800 or sign up online.



This new vision for detox follows our mission at BCH to integrate functional medicine with mindfulness and food education. We are excited to offer a detox program in a group setting, because we find it to be cost effective for our patients, and supportive to bond with others going through the same process. Our 4-week program includes: 2 Mind.Body.Spirit groups with Elizabeth Greig, FNP, alternating with 2 Detoxifying Foods cooking classes with Chef Marti Wolfson. Supplements are not included but you receive a 10% discount for the duration of the group.

Call us at (914) 652-7800 to find out our next start date.

NOTE: You can add two individual 30 minute medical consultations at the beginning and end of the course with Elizabeth Greig, FNP, to assess your personal level of toxicity and determine the intensity of the program appropriate for you. You can schedule these appointments by calling Blum Center for Health at (914) 652-7800.