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In The Kitchen with Amy Bach

In The Kitchen with Amy Bach

BCH: Welcome to BlumKitchen!      Amy's picture

AB:  Thank you!  I am excited to join the Blum Center For Health Kitchen and share my passion and knowledge of healthy cooking with your patients and clients.

BCH:  Tell us about yourself and your background.

AB:  My background in cooking has been very diverse and has helped evolve my craft over the years.  For 5 years I was the Executive Chef at a private college, and then became an hors d’oeuvres chef for one of Westchester’s premiere catering companies.

I then started my own catering business and specialized in weddings and private parties.  I even won an award from Westchester Magazine for best dinner delivery service!

At present, I am Chef Manager at Organic Pharmer and a personal chef specializing in gluten free baking, vegan meals and healthy family dinners. I have three families that I cook for in Westchester.

BCH:  We’ve noticed the food you prepare not only tastes delicious, it always has a beautiful appearance.

AB:  One of my favorite quotes is “you eat with your eyes first”.  Back when I was in art school I would host big dinner parties and invite all my hungry artists friends over to feast. As with art, the presentation and visual factor of food is very important to me.

BCH:  What’s the biggest misconception about cooking without gluten, soy, corn, dairy and egg?

AB:  That the food won’t taste as good or have the right texture!   In the kitchen it’s all about experimenting with alternatives.  I am especially passionate about gluten free baking.  There are many wonderful gluten free flours that give so much flavor and texture; you won’t even miss wheat flour!

BCH:  What are 5 ingredients you can’t live without?


A good olive oil

Salts, especially Pink Himalayan

Dijon mustard

Fresh herbs

Homemade stocks

BCH:  What’s the best part about cooking during the summer months?

I am a passionate organic gardener and grow over 20 varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs at my home.  Working with homegrown fresh produce out of my garden makes cooking even more special.  Also, I love all of the fabulous produce available at local farmers markets and of course, grilling outside.

BCH:  How can we keep summer BBQ’s healthy?

AB:  Make room on the grill for vegetables!  Lots of summer vegetables like zucchini, peppers, and onions, are so tasty when drizzled with a little olive oil and grilled to perfection.

You can easily avoid heavy mayo filled salads by using healthy grains and beans/legumes.  Any easy summer lunch can be made using left-over grilled vegetables, quinoa, garbanzo beans, and a drizzle of lemon & olive oil with chopped parsley and salt and pepper for quick summer salad!

Join Chef Amy this Summer at Blum Center for Health for a variety of cooking demos.