Jane Andrews, MD

Functional Medicine Physician

Dr. Jane Andrews is a Functional Medicine doctor with a background in internal medicine physician doing both inpatient and outpatient clinical medicine for 12 years prior to joining Blum Center. Dr. Andrews received her MD from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, her MPH at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health with a concentration in biostatistics and epidemiology, and is a graduate of the NIH-funded Predoctoral Clinical Research Training Program. She completed residency at Tulane University and was faculty at Tulane, followed by Yale School of Medicine, and finally at UT Health where she was an Associate Professor.

She is passionate about wellness, and believes every patient deserves the chance to be healthy. Her interest in functional medicine began with personal health challenges that were inadequately addressed in conventional medicine, and she believes that the model of care at the Blum center includes the tools and time required for moving patients towards health. She looks forward to using the most updated research and protocols available when creating an individualized treatment plan for you.

Dr. Andrews sees patients across a wide variety of medical conditions with a specialty in integrative treatment for cardiovascular disease, headaches and neurological conditions and longevity.

Outside of her professional life, she enjoys learning languages, reading books, both medical books and fiction, and spending time with her family.


John Hopkins School of Medicine

John Hopkins School of Public Health

Tulane University

Yale University