Dr. Blum’s Medical Practice

New Patient Package

Your relationship with Dr. Blum begins with a program designed to restore your health and support you every step of the way.  The New Patient Program includes:

Initial 2-Hour Consultation

At the first visit, you will spend approximately 2 hours with Dr.Blum, doing in-depth detective work to uncover the root cause of your condition or symptoms.

45-Minute Nutrition Consult

The Nutrition counseling session will be guided by Dr. Blum’s recommendations, designed for you specifically. You’ll discover the perfect dietary approach to complement and support your unique nutrition goals.

30-Minute Health Coaching Visit

You will meet with our health coach to check in and get support for any challenges you might be having (testing, implementing the lifestyle plan, or taking the supplements).

90-Minute Follow Up Medical Visit

Dr. Blum will review all of your test results with you. You will receive a clear, printed 3-month treatment program as you move to the next phase of your journey.

Dr. Blum’s Health Circle is a membership program that begins after you finish your New Patient Program. It brings you the continuity of care and sense of community that is at the heart of Integrative and Functional Medicine. Within our Circle, we treat your whole body, mind and spirit, instead of specialized pieces, and we care for you as you travel through the full circle of your life. Together with Dr. Blum, as you transition from New Patient into the Circle, you’ll choose to enter one of the three tiers of service that is right for your health journey.

Active Health Circle

The Active Health Circle offers a more robust all-inclusive membership program with additional visits for those of you with a more active, urgent or acute health issue.

Wellness Health Circle

The Wellness Circle is for existing patients of Dr. Blum’s who generally come every 6 months to manage a stable health condition and wish to benefit from the additional included services.

Annual Health Circle

The Annual Circle is for existing patients of Dr. Blum’s who generally come once a year to have a complete functional evaluation, resulting in an updated treatment plan for prevention and wellness.

Each Circle level offers unique services and a monthly payment plan.

Our New Patient and Membership Manager is happy to go over the details of the program and the additional benefits you’ll receive by joining Dr. Blum’s practice.

Schedule a call with our membership Manager