We believe that a healthy team is a more productive team.

Employees who eat health supportive foods and who practice stress management techniques will miss less days of work due to illness, will be happier, have more energy, and think more clearly. These factors maximize their contribution to both the team and company.

At Blum Center for Health, we have created a Corporate Wellness Program that offers both individual and team-building group activities. We can adapt to your needs by having your program at the following:

Team Building Cooking Classes

The key to your company’s success depends on how well your individual employees work together as a team. We have modified our signature cooking class format to focus on team building, which is a perfect complement to your next meeting or corporate outing.  Read more

Learn @ Lunch Programs

Our Learn @ Lunch Talks are interactive and informative in language that’s easy to understand. We teach nutrition, cooking, stress management and medical topics in a simple, fun and interactive format emphasizing specific steps necessary for better health. Read more

Relaxation Skills for Improving Productivity

When our minds are clear and we feel refreshed, taking on new tasks or coming up with creative solutions to old ones comes much more naturally. A Mind-Body Skills Workshop will help your employees learn a variety of simple and effective skills to turn anxiety into productivity. Read more

Health & Wellness Fairs

We are available to provide a wide range of health information for your employees at your in-house health fairs or wellness programs. Just tell us where and when, and we will come bearing informative handouts and tastings from BlumKitchen. ”Read