Interactive Cooking Classes

Team building activities are a great way to improve communication and increase productivity among people who work together. And what better way to do that than coming together in the kitchen to create a delicious and healthful meal? Let Blum Center for Health customize your event, complete with menu planning and a signature take home gift.


Our BlumKitchen Chef will:

  • Begin with an opening meditation
  • Everyone introduces themselves and shares their health goals
  • Introduction of the health topic and brief discussion
  • The group is divided up into 4 groups to prepare a 4 course meal
  • The team shares and enjoys the delicious meal they created together
  • Have a Q&A with participants at conclusion of event
  • Participants will go home with recipes, a gift from BlumKitchen, and a satisfied appetite with a craving for more!


  • Learn about using food as medicine
  • Experience the benefits of working together to reach a mutual goal
  • Practice better communication
  • Fun! Fun! Fun!

Group Size:

  • 16 people or less, held at Blum Center for Health’s state of the art kitchen
  • 17 + people, held at Doral Arrowwood Resort and Conference Center, Rye Brook, NY.

Program Length: 2.5 hours, afternoon or evening.
Cost: For pricing and availability contact us at, (914) 652-7800 ext 115,