Macaulay Kerr, PA

Physician Assistant

Macaulay Kerr is a Physician Assistant with over 10 years of medical experience.  Macaulay has been interested in medicine, health & wellness for as long as she can remember.  She started her medical education as a pre-med undergraduate at Georgetown University where she graduated with honors and majored in Human Science.  Macaulay then worked for two years as a Research Study Assistant at Memorial Sloan Kettering in solid tumor research.  From there, she realized her passion for hands on clinical patient care which inspired her to attend Yale’s Physician Associate program and graduated with a Masters in Medical Science in 2011.


Since 2011, Macaulay has worked in Philadelphia, New York and Connecticut.  She began her career in the Emergency Room, followed by many years offering acute care in the Urgent Care setting throughout Westchester and Connecticut.   While Macaulay was able to gain a wealth of experience and insight during her 10 years in acute care, she has been personally interested and inspired by the practice of functional medicine and is excited to bring the learnings from 10 years of allopathic clinical life and apply them toward functional medicine.  Having applied the core tenets of functional medicine to her own health and wellness, she is excited to be able to offer all the health and wellness benefits of the field to other patients and has a particular interest in women’s health.


Macaulay is active in the American Academy of Physician Assistants and continues her education with the Institute for Functional Medicine.