Mind Body Green – 5 Steps for Women to Ease Their Menstrual Cycle

Making these five simple dietary changes will reduce cramps, bleeding, PMS, and improve your mood in just five weeks.

1. Stop eating red meat, we’re talking beef.

2. Stop all full fat dairy. This means ice cream, cheese, full fat yogurt and all milk. You can have low fat or non fat yogurt and cottage cheese.

3. Increase foods that have omega-3 fats, like nuts, seeds, dark green leafy vegetables. Fish is a good choice, but choose fish that are lowest in mercury, like wild salmon and sardines. Check out EWG for the most updated list.

4. For 3-6 months take 3 nutritional supplements: 1 capsule of Evening Primrose Oil (total GLA should equal at least 250 mg), 1 capsule of Fish Oil (Total EPA + DHA should equal at least 500 mg). Read the labels to confirm the strength and make sure the fish oil is guaranteed pure and free of metals and PCB’s. Finally, the tried and true menstrual herb is called Chasteberry or also called Vitex. The usual dose is 1 twice daily.

5. And finally, remember to breathe. Find some form of daily relaxation to turn off those stress hormones. Balancing your cortisol will have a huge effect on your mood and inflammation, which in turn effect all of your symptoms.

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