Do you suffer from a recurring injury or chronic muscle pain? If so, this 4-week yoga series is for you. Ideal for those in search of a gentle and therapeutic class, Karen’s expertise focuses on proper alignment to heal injuries and chronic pain. The body has a natural “blueprint” alignment. Habitual patterns of moving through our daily activities shift us out of this natural blueprint which can result in pain and injuries as well as block the natural flow of our life energy, our breath. In this series you will learn how to shift the body back into its natural blueprint, using alignment principles and therapeutic tools to release stuck muscles and fascia (the connective tissue around the muscles). You will also learn how to use the muscles to cultivate both more strength and flexibility. When bones are realigned, the muscles will shift back to where they belong and ultimately will stop the patterns of spasms and contractions. The tightness will soften, pain is relieved, and most importantly the ability to have more freedom of the breath will arise bringing the body, mind, and heart into balance. The cost is $140 for the series of 4 classes and pre-registration is required.