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MindBodyGreen: Why Women Are More Likely To Get Autoimmune Diseases

Women are more likely than men to suffer from autoimmune diseases, and it seems that estrogen is a contributing factor. There are steps you can take to help your liver produce “good” estrogen to protect your body from these diseases.

“We’re beginning to understand that there are different kinds of estrogens in the body and they each have different effects on your cells and health.”

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Institute for Integrative Nutrition: The Immune System Recovery Plan

“While many doctors typically treat autoimmune disorders with powerful medications that shut off parts of the immune system, Integrative Nutrition guest speaker Dr. Susan Blum offers a different guide to self-healing in her new book The Immune System Recovery Plan.”

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CBS Philly: Doctor Speaks on Curing Auto-Immune Diseases Yourself

Discover how you can cure autoimmune diseases yourself following Dr. Susan Blum’s new book, The Immune System Recovery Plan.  As Dr. Blum explains to CBS Philly, “…anybody with any concerns about their immune system can benefit from this book.”

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