Classes and Programs

We invite you to join us at Blum Center for Health for a range of wonderful classes and programs that will help you reach your health goals. After reading the general description about our offerings, you can see details of specific classes by clicking on the link in the Schedule.

Cooking Classes

We are deeply committed to helping you learn how to choose and prepare delicious food that supports vitality, longevity and your health goals. Our classes teach you how to incorporate a whole-foods, plant-focused diet into your life, and how to eat gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and egg free. Whether seeking to prevent illness or treat a chronic condition, we provide you with the culinary education and skills to help you achieve your health goals.

Our signature Cooking Demo is both relaxing and educational. Sit back and discuss the health-supportive topic at hand, while our talented Chef shows you how to prepare a delicious meal that you get to enjoy at the end of class. Our menus change with every class and represent tastes from around the world.

Meditation Classes

How you live your life and the connection you feel to yourself and others is at the very core of our values, and at the very center of health and wellness. We offer a variety of classes to help you learn skills to cultivate these qualities.

Intro to Meditation: Are you being held captive by repetitive thoughts, uneasy worries, or endless lists of the unaccomplished? Meditating proactively can help you transform three forms of awareness—mental, sensory and emotional—so that you can learn practical tools to make positive changes on all levels of consciousness. Come join us for peace of mind, ease in the body and all that supports your well being.

Ease into Mindfulness: Would you like to learn how to relax but don’t know where to begin? Stress can have a powerful impact on your state of mind, body and relationships with those close to you. In this class we will teach you how to manage emotional triggers, which could be dominating your mind, or at the very least, disrupting it. We invite you to invest in your well-being and experience the depth of true inner-peace.

Free Community Talks

These casual and interactive classes offer interesting and helpful information on a wide range of health topics from our diverse and expert Blum Center Faculty.

Group Programs

During the year, we offer group programs, such as coaching, detox and weight loss groups. Don’t see what you are looking for? You can call us at (914) 652-7800 to find out the start date for our next group.