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Will there be a conflict between The Blum Center of Health and my primary care or other specialty doctor if I’m on medication?

Dr. Blum and Elizabeth have an integrative approach to practicing medicine. The treatment plans they create combine Western medical practices, such as prescription medications, with what are sometimes considered “alternative” or “integrative” approaches like nutrition, supplements and stress-management techniques. As a result, Dr. Blum and Elizabeth understand the medications you are on and can work with you as a complement to your current medical regimen. That said, if you are interested in getting off some or all of your current medications, Dr. Blum and Elizabeth will work with your prescribing doctor toward this goal. They will never change your existing medication; your prescribing doctor will change it if he/she sees you don’t need it anymore. For example, as you and Dr. Blum or Elizabeth work towards lowering your cholesterol, your levels will drop lower and lower on lab testing. Then, you (or Dr. Blum/Elizabeth) can talk to your doctor about reducing your cholesterol-lowering medication.