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Dance for Health

elizabeth_greig_05012013_225pxConsider dancing as your mind.body.spirit practice of choice this month. Put on your favorite melodic, slow to moderate paced, happy music, close your eyes, and let the music move you!

When you do a quieting activity that also makes you happy, you turn off the stress hormone cortisol and increase your happy inner neurotransmitters. These provide support to your immune system, helping to heal, decrease pain, and prevent inflammation.

On Saturday November 15th, Dr. Blum and I will offer a One-Day Mindfulness Retreat, that you won’t want to miss! We will focus on techniques you can use every day to create spaciousness and more mental freedom. And it will be a great chance to create community with other Blum Center participants!

Hope to see you at one, or all, of our Mind Body Spirit offerings!