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Get Down and Get Dirty!

Elizabeth GreigIt’s time to dig!  I can’t wait to get my hands and feet in the dirt with the arrival of Spring.  Gardening is a great way to get grounded, to get some healthy microbes, and to plant something that will bring beauty in the months to come.  Even if you’re not a gardener, I recommend you find a warm day when you can take your shoes and socks off and plant your feet on real earth!

Try this open-eyed visualization once you’ve got your bare feet on the ground:

● Feel the bottom of your feet: the texture of the dirt or grass, the temperature.  Wiggle your toes, move your feet, dig in!

● If you’ve been sitting, stand up and feel your weight sinking into the ground. Feel how the Earth supports you; notice the impression you are leaving.

● Take a deep breath and notice if there is a fragrance in the air.

● Look around at the colors; notice the little hints of green appearing here and there.

● Listen for the birds, the trickle of running water, the sound of the wind in the trees.

● Take a few minutes to keep checking in with yourself and just enjoy the freshness of Spring, feeling yourself grounded in the dirt and the top of your head reaching up to the sun–you might even grow a little taller!

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