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Grow With Gratitude

Elizabeth GreigSpring is such a great season for expressing gratitude. How amazing that every year the leaves do come out on the trees in their brilliant green, the flowers do bloom in all their colorful glory, the grass does grow creating a lush carpet of beauty! Although Nature keeps the rhythm with seeming effortlessness, I find my heart filling with thanks and reassurance when I see the first tiny signs of spring green and forsythia yellow.

This month, try a gratitude practice every day. One beautiful way of connecting your own heart to that of the Earth that nourishes us is to offer gratitude before eating. This is a common practice in many cultures and you may already have such a practice and can add some of these suggestions to that. You can do it as a prayer if you pray, or you can just say what you are grateful for as you feel the thanks in your own heart. Visualize each element or person that you mention to create a heart to heart connection–perhaps even one of the farmers you meet at the Farmers’ Market will come to mind!


  • I am grateful for this beautiful planet Earth that nourishes me and all living beings through her soil, water, and air.
  • I am grateful for the sun that shines so steadily and whose light powers the plants to grow into food and shade.
  • I am grateful for the seeds that grow into food, the animals that feed us and the farmers that tend to them.
  • I am grateful for the winds that blow rain clouds over the crops and for the rain that helps those crops to grow.
  • I am grateful for all the many hands and hearts that bring the food from field to table so that my family and I can have delicious nourishing food.
  • I am grateful for this precious human life.


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