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Happiness is an Inside Job

happinessisaninsidejobHave you ever searched for happiness in a glass of wine?  Was happiness hiding in the new bag you just purchased? How happy did you feel after binge watching a whole season of House Of Cards on Netflix?

It’s ok, we’ve all been there before and you’re not alone.  Everyone has searched for happiness in some form outside of him or her self- whether conscious of it or not. Though you may enjoy the quick high or entertaining distraction from what you are feeling, this immediate rush and diversion only ends up fueling even more discontent.

For many of us, including Dr. Blum, unhappiness stems from a disconnection with your true self.   To change these default habits, you have to have a better understanding of the most important person in your life…you!

During our Happiness Retreat on June 6th, Susan Blum, MD, MPH and Elizabeth Greig, MSN, FNP, will give you the tools you need to reconnect to the true you.  Our signature one-day retreat is designed to offer an enjoyable learning experience with simple, practical mind-body techniques that you can use everyday.

Come learn new skills, explore your inner world, and move to the music!  Pharrell got it right when he wrote, “happiness is your truth”.  Come discover the happier you!

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