Juice Cleanses

Organic Pharmer - Liver Love Cleanse Choose from 1, 3, or 5 day Cleanses or a Weekend Cleanse to detox on your days off. Each day includes infused cold-pressed juices, shots, infused milk and protein shakes.

1-Day Juice Cleanses

Choose from one of six cleanses, each with a functional purpose.


Treat your skin from the inside out! Our Beauty Cleanse is bursting with antioxidants that fight free radicals and revive tired, stressed skin. Free radical damage is caused by the sun, environment, and from the stress of everyday life. The body needs a daily source of antioxidants to protect and heal not just the skin, but all cells in your body! Read more

The day starts with Alpha Green, our powerful juice that contains important nutrients to help your liver quench those free radicals. For the rest of the day we include our most powerful skin-defending antioxidant line-up: Marathon protein shake, Immunition, Defense + protein shake and Omega Red. For an added boost, we include two shots, Immunity and Energy, both packed with nutrients that help give skin a healthy glow. We end the day with Almond Chill, our nut milk filled with healthy fat to promote smooth skin, infused with herbs that relax the body for a restful beauty sleep.

Liver Love

Reveal a new, more vibrant you, with Liver Love. This one-day cleanse delivers powerful nutrients to your organs and helps the body flush out unwanted toxins by combining juices and shakes that contain greens, antioxidants, protein and healthy fat, to aid the liver detoxification system.  Read more

We begin with Alpha Green juice for nutrients and vitamins for liver support, and Marathon for protein and antioxidants. Omega Red comes next, with its focus on antioxidants and healthy fat, both important fuel for your liver. Defense + is an afternoon boost of berry and protein loaded with even more antioxidants and protein for proper liver function. We top off the day with our liver loving Green Light, and two shots, Ginger and Energy. The chlorophyll in Energy helps the body excrete heavy metals like mercury. We end the day with Almond Chill to provide omega fatty acids and to promote relaxation and nourishment for a good night’s sleep.

Power Play

Power Play is a cleanse rich in healthy fat, a powerhouse of fuel for your muscles and energy systems. Now you can workout hard AND cleanse at the same time! Read more

Start the detox process with Alpha Green to support the liver and power up your morning, and then move on to protein-infused Marathon and energizing Staminator, beverages that are infused with the herb Schizandra berry. Schizandra is an adaptogen that helps support the adrenal glands, which in turn give you resiliency and stamina. Next is Trainer, our delicious chocolate almond protein shake developed for muscle recovery. The afternoon juice Immunition and our Energy shot provide the antioxidants needed to repair your over-worked muscles. Plus an extra shot of Turmeric, a potent anti-inflammatory, will help put out the fire from post-workout soreness! We end the day with a well-earned Almond Chill to help you relax for a good night’s sleep.

Muscles & Joints

Want to have more flexibility and mobility in your joints? We put together a day of juices and shakes with a focus on reducing inflammation.  Read more

The day starts with Alpha Green, our powerful juice that contains important nutrients to help your liver quench free radicals and remove toxins that can trigger inflammation. Antioxidants from our protein shake Defense + also work to put out the free radical fire. Because a healthy gut is key to lowering inflammation in the body, your next drink is Happy Gut and our probiotic shot, which are soothing and rich in probiotics to help improve your intestinal flora. Turmeric, an herb with powerful anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, is therapeutic for arthritis and inflamed joints. We include this healing ingredient in what comes next: our juice Flow and protein drink Trainer, and a concentrated shot for its anti-inflammatory powers. We end the day with Almond Chill to provide healthy fat to lubricate your joints, and relax the body for a good night’s sleep.


The best defense against colds, viruses, and a sluggish immune system…is a good offense! To support your immune system, we focus on a healthy gut and important vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants to keep your body healthy and strong. Our Immune cleanse is a low fat, almond-free cleanse day, that is also ultra-immune boosting. Read more

Start with Alpha Green to help your liver rid the body of toxins. Next, support your immune system with a powerful antioxidant lineup that includes Defense +, Immunition, and an Immunity shot. These drinks contain immune-boosting and great tasting herbal infusions of rose hips and elderberry. Digest + supports the powerful gut-immune connection, and Omega Red’s combination of flax oil, beets, Vitamin C, and aronia berry delivers even more antioxidants. We end the day with Coconut Chai, our delicious and good-for-the-gut coconut milk that provides the body with important and satisfying healthy fats.


After one or more days of indulging, our Reboot Cleanse will help you set things right. The intention is to soothe and heal an irritated stomach and digestive system, which is why we focus on our juices with probiotics, chia seeds, slippery elm, curcumin and ginger. Read more

Because a healthy gut is the key to lowering inflammation in the body, this cleanse includes Happy Gut, Digest +, and our probiotic shot. For anti-inflammatory benefits, we include our carrot-based juice Flow, and for antioxidants, we include Alpha Green, Marathon, and our Immunity shot. We end the day with Almond Chill to provide healthy fat to help you relax and get a good night’s sleep.

3-Day Cleanse

A 3-day immune boost and detox combines Beauty, Liver Love and Immune.

5-Day Cleanse

Our most comprehensive juice cleanse includes five functional days: Beauty, Liver Love, Power Play, Muscles & Joints and Immune.

Weekend Cleanse

Use these two days off to nourish and detox your body with the Beauty and Liver Love cleanses.