Food as Medicine to Go

At Blum Center for Health, food education is central to how we practice medicine. With a specialization in Functional Medicine, we offer several types of detoxification, nutrition, and cooking programs to help our patients reduce inflammation and lose weight.

Dr. Blum co-founded Organic Pharmer, a healthy grab-and-go eatery next door to our health center, to make it easy for her clients to embrace their new way of eating but who may not have the time to shop and prepare all of their meals at home.

Because so many patients were interested in juice cleanses, Dr. Blum developed a line of juice cleanses for Organic Pharmer with the help of Lee and Darleen Gross, two macrobiotic chefs.

Organic Pharmer delivers juice cleanses

Not Your Typical Juice Cleanse

All Organic Pharmer juice cleanses follow the standards of both Functional Medicine and Blum Center for Health, and are based on three fundamental principles with which we do not compromise.

Each drink is clean.

This means low in sugar, no added chemicals or dyes and all ingredients certified organic or locally sourced organic.

Each drink has a functional purpose

All of the nutrients in each juice will help the body work better. Dr. Blum also added an herbal infusion to each juice to enhance its purpose and increase the effectiveness of the cleanse.

Each cleanse has all the nutrients your liver needs to clear toxins out of your body.

This means that they contain enough fat and protein (an area where many other cleanses fall short) in addition to potent antioxidants, vitamins and minerals naturally present in vegetable and fruit juices.

Organic Pharmer sells juice cleanses, juice + food cleanses and nutritionally sound organic, gluten, dairy, soy, corn and egg free food. Organic Pharmer currently delivers to Westchester, Fairfield County (CT) and New York City, with nationwide shipping available.