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Laurie H

I was introduced to Dr. Susan Blum by a friend who had been able to eliminate a life long chronic condition that limited her actives. Although I was in good health, I was approaching menopause and traditional medicine was not equipped to answer my questions.

Dr. Blum conducted a thorough 90 minute patient intake during which we discussed my health, my life style, my family’s medical history and my overall health goals. She ordered a set of labs which revealed I was very deficient in Vitamin D, and had a condition known as Hashimoto’s disease. Although I had regular physicals with a terrific internist, I was not aware of either of these conditions.

Dr. Blum explained the nature of each one and addressed them through diet, life style and supplements. The Vitamin D deficiency was mitigated in 3 months, and my numbers for the Hashimoto’s disease continue to improve without any medication.

As I consider the inevitable challenges of aging I am more certain then ever, that good health can be best supported with the mind/body approach that is the hallmark of Dr. Blum’s work. I consider Dr. Blum a part of my wellness team however I also know that I can turn to her for the latest research, along with alternatives to traditional treatments, for any health matter that might arise.