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Make Your Fantasy A Reality

elizabeth_greig_05012013_225pxYou can use the power of visualization and imagery, classic mind-body techniques, to support a healthy libido. We’re all familiar with fantasizing, so I invite you to take it one step further by applying that daydream-like practice to focus on getting ready for sexual intimacy. As we age, the juices don’t always flow so spontaneously, but we can use the power of imagination to get them going!

Try this: Picture the place where you and your partner will be intimate. Create the scene in your mind exactly as you’d like it to be, using all of your senses. Look around in your mental room or space at the colors, the visuals, what’s on the walls or windows, the furniture, etc. Or if you’re outdoors, what are the colors and sights there? Then notice the fragrances. In your imaginary room you might want to light a fragrant candle or bring in some sweet-smelling flowers. What are the sounds? Play your favorite inner music, or perhaps there’s the sound of flowing water. Now feel the textures around and beneath you: Soft? Silky? Leafy? You decide! Create the perfect scene, and then, finally, invite your partner into your intimate and beautiful space and allow yourself to let go and enjoy!