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The Powerful Benefits of Meditation

A new study conducted by Harvard Medical School has found that participating in an eight-week meditation training program can have measurable effects on how the brain functions even when someone is not actively meditating. Similar to this study, we’ve been seeing a great deal of news articles in recent months discussing the benefits of meditation and are excited to see the conversation growing.


Meditation as a practice and its resultant mindfulness are incredible tools that can be applied to every walk of life. Anyone can benefit from the deepening self-awareness that comes with devoting time to yourself and your thoughts (meditating) and learning new skills like breathing techniques. Think about it- the more focused and present you are, the happier and less stressed you can be!

Which is why we’re excited to be offering a Mind-Body Skills Workshop at Blum Center for Health beginning Wednesday, January 21st. Lead by Elizabeth Greig, MSN, FNP, the group meets weekly over the course of 6 weeks and provides a supportive small environment to gently begin the journey towards self-discovery, reducing and relieving stress and creating optimal health. During the course you’ll learn a series of powerful and effective healing techniques such as meditation and breathing to help you explore life changes and well being.

We also offer weekly meditation classes on Friday mornings (what better way to start your weekend) and beginning on January 20th will be offering a Tuesday meditation class focused specifically on reducing stress. If you can’t physically make it to The Center, our Learn to Relax Guide is a great tool to get you started towards understanding more about the connection between what is happening on the outside (life!) and what is happening on the inside (your body, mind and spirit). We look forward to teaching you more about these powerful tools!