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Detoxing Your Mind

elizabeth_greig_05012013_225pxHere is your detox challenge for creating more peace of mind and getting rid of mental toxins:

Take a break from the news!

News is one of the biggest causes of stress for the modern mind because the articles and broadcasts focus on the thing that grabs your attention: the risky, dangerous, frightening, catastrophic.  In short, if it pushes the fear button, it’s probably on the news.

We are surrounded by one crazy story after another-if we’re not listening to them on the radio, or reading it on our web homepage, we’re hearing from a friend or neighbor about gossip posing as news.

So for just one day, turn it off.  Let it go.  The world will go on even if you have missed the latest episode. And tomorrow’s episode won’t be that different, as those of us from the soap opera generation remember so well.

Whew!  Doesn’t it feel great to even just imagine being without the newscast!

So enjoy the silence, or put on some music that soothes or excites you, or maybe laugh out loud at the freedom you are experiencing from just that simple step.  Laughter, after all, is the best medicine!

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