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Drink Responsibly

MaryColorThere are two things to consider when you drink.  The first is your liver, and the second is the sugar. Alcohol is viewed as a toxin by the body and needs to be processed in the liver just like mercury, pesticides, plastics and everything else you are exposed to in the environment.  It also can deplete your body of B vitamins, especially B12, folate and B6.  Therefore, make sure to take a good B-complex to protect yourself against this depletion. We also suggest supporting your liver with supplements like milk thistle or doing a liver support detox program once or twice/year, such as our Do It With Us Supporting Your Liver Detox

Another great tip is to pad the lining of your stomach before drinking alcohol with healthy fats like nuts and seeds, avocado, or something made with olive oil or coconut oil.  This will slow the emptying time of the stomach so that alcohol will be absorbed slowly into the body resulting in less accumulation of toxins.

To enjoy alcohol healthfully this summer, drink small amounts with a meal that contains healthy fats.