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The Family Dinner

Mary GockeThere is no doubt that a feeling of connection benefits both your physical and emotional health.  And the connection begins at home.  Having positive family ties affects your well-being and is the foundation for social connectedness.

Today, families often eat on-the-go, causing digestion, nutrition, and relationships to suffer.  The family dinner that numerous studies show is amazing for your family is mainly absent.

Take the time to rekindle this beneficial yet forgotten custom, even if it just once a week. Family dinners are a great time to connect, teach cultural traditions, and provide good nutrition.   Instill in your children the dynamics of healthy teamwork by creating an atmosphere of trust and acceptance in the kitchen and at the table. Whether in harmony or in conflict, cook, eat, and cleanup together.

If you are following a specific food plan, let your children experience it  – plan a meal where they participate in the preparation and explain the importance of what you are eating and why.

The family dinner needs to be healthy – but it does not always have to be homemade.Organic Pharmer offers an array of incredibly delicious and nutritious prepared foods to choose from.  To make the dinner special, take the food out of the containers and place it in nice bowls before serving.  To keep the conversation going, try a simple dessert that keeps everyone at the table longer.  This month’s recipe is one that your entire family can create and enjoy together.

At a loss for what to cook?  Be inspired to try new and wonderful recipe ideas by exploring the many creative hands-on cooking classes and cooking demos offered at Blum Center.  Participate alone, or better still, bring your spouse, a child, or a friend, and enjoy the experience together.

Remember: Cook, eat, and cleanup together – as often as you can. Your health and your relationships will flourish!

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