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Walk in Nature

Elizabeth GreigAs we slowly come out from the cold, dark winter season of hibernation and turning inward, we are now moving into a lighter, more expansive season. This is a good time to consider an open-eyed meditation practice such as taking a walk in nature. To make this a meditative practice, simply pay attention to what’s coming in through your senses: aromas, sights, chirping birds, the rhythmic sound of your feet on the ground.  Keep your mind focused on the beauty that surrounds you without letting it wander into your “To Do” list or the conversation you just had with your teenager/boss/friend. You can actually find yourself in a meditative state: mind, body and spirit all centered in the present. At the end of your walk you will have the added benefits of breathing fresh air and moving your body to clear your mind.  And don’t forget to take time to smell the flowers!