Comprehensive Medical Evaluation: Get to the root cause of what’s ailing you with one of our Functional Medicine Clinicians. Read bios here. See consultation options here.

  • After a complete medical history and physical exam, we recommend specific testing to uncover where your body is not functioning properly.
  • We then personalize a plan for you to address both your priorities, and what we discovered during your evaluation. We integrate your medical treatment with nutrition, and offer you specific cooking and Mind.Body.Spirit classes to help support the lifestyle changes that we are prescribing as part of your program.

  • Our services are reimbursed by most out-of-network policies.

Functional Nutrition Evaluation: Change your food, change your health, with a complete food and lifestyle consultation with our Functional Nutritionist.  Read bio here.

  • Learn the simple changes that can have the biggest impact on how you feel.
  • Looking for nutrition advice, weight loss, or a detox program? New clients to Blum Center for Health are welcome to start here!
  • Mary is reimbursed by your insurance if you have nutrition coverage.
  • Inquire about our Healthy Weight and Detox programs!

MIND.BODY.SPIRIT: Reconnect with your inner self with practical tools for self-care and stress reduction.

Transformation Through Meditation Class

  • Relieve stress and tap into your highest self with this 30-minute guided meditation class.

Stress Management Consultation

  • Let us help you develop a personal program for stress reduction and refine your current self-care regimen.

Mind Body Skills Group

  • Allow this intimate, supportive group setting to teach you an effective combination of research-based healing therapies to deal with life’s changes, stresses and illnesses.  

BLUMKITCHEN:   Nourish your mind, body and soul by learning to cook or allow BlumKitchen staff to cook for you.

Signature Cooking Classes

  • Full participation 2.5-hour class: hands-on includes nutrition discussion, cooking education, food preparation & execution, multi-course meal served.

Signature Blum Cooking Demo

  • Join one or all of our 2-hour classes in our 4-class culinary series and learn how to eat gluten, dairy, soy, corn and egg free.  We offer 4 different menus that change with each season to keep it fresh and varied, so you can take this class more than once.

Personal Chef Services

  • Learn essential techniques for health-supportive cooking from our BlumKitchen Staff. We will review both you and your family’s health goals and special dietary needs to create meals at home that everyone can eat together.

Organic Pharmer

  • Co-founded by Dr. Susan Blum, Organic Pharmer is a healthy grab-and-go eatery just steps away from our health center, and is especially convenient if you don’t have time to cook, want to eat healthy or follow the nutrition programs prescribed at Blum Center for Health. Explore their menu of delicious  food and juice options that are all organic, gluten, dairy, soy, corn and egg free.. All recipes are developed in conjunction with macrobiotic chefs, Lee & Darleen Gross and Dr. Blum approved. And, they deliver!

BLUM@WORK:  Allow us to sprinkle a little wellness into your work place.  

Team Building Events, Interactive Culinary Experience

  • Let us customize an out-of-the-box experience that will leave your team energized and educated in how “you are what you eat”.

Learn @ Lunch Programs

  • Food as Medicine talks
  • Nutrition talks with Mary Gocke, RDN, CDN
  • Health topic talks with Elizabeth Greig, FNP

Relaxation Skills for Improving Productivity

  • Learn a variety of simple and effective skills to turn work-related anxieties into productivity, including meditation and tai chi.

Wellness/Health Fairs

  • As a lifestyle and educational center, we can provide your employees healthy choices and information on their health.

When you focus on self-care, whether by meditation, eating healthy, exercising, or developing healthy sleep habits, you will not only feel better, but more empowered and optimistic about the direction of your life.

Kindly call us for pricing and availability.