Posted on Tune In to Health promotes Dr. Susan Blum’s guest segment on the Dr. Oz show this Monday, July 15th.

“The daytime doc will chat with Blum about her new book, ‘The Immune System Recovery Plan: A Doctor’s 4-Step Program to Treat Autoimmune Disease,’ which discusses using food as medicine, fixing your stress hormones, detoxing your liver and more. Something for every ailment, it seems, so make sure to tune in Monday.”

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Posted on Get Corny This Sunday at Rye’s Down to Earth Farmer’s Market

To celebrate this taste of the season at Rye’s Down to Earth Farmers Market, Blum Center for Health’s Chef Gavin Pritchard will demonstrate an easy and delicious corn salad recipe. All are invited to stop by the manager’s tent from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, sample his recipe, and then find all the ingredients at the market.

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Business Insider Australia: 5 Signs That Your Body Is Starving For Vitamins

Lack of proper vitamins may not necessarily cause disease, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t harming your body. There are many ways our bodies communicate vitamin deficiency, and Dr. Susan Blum shares with Business Insider Australia five signs we can identify.

“You may not get a disease, but you can end up with impaired functioning, because vitamins are cofactors for all the biochemical reactions in the body. We need them in order to function properly.”

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Posted on Rye Brook Doctor Blends Medicine, Nutrition, a news site powered by the Journal News, covers The Blum Center for Health and explains how Dr. Susan Blum is changing the face of medicine in the Rye Brook, NY area.

“Her center is designed to provide hands-on experience with a healthy lifestyle, where food is regarded as a fundamental component of medical care. All patients meet with a nutritionist and learn to make connections between how they feel and what they eat.”

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