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Welcome Dr. Oz Viewers!

Welcome to our Blum Center for Health Community!

Through our website and blogs, you can stay in touch with other like-minded souls seeking information, guidance, and education on health-related topics! Feel free to click around the site to get familiar with what we’re all about. Learn about functional medicine; meet our staff; and keep up-to-date with our workshops and classes on our calendar of events page.

Because many of you don’t live in our area, we have been hard at work developing online support programs to help you succeed! Here, we outline all the many ways we can help in your immune system recovery.


  • The Immune System Recovery Plan A Doctor’s 4-Step Program to Treat Autoimmune DiseaseThe Immune Recovery Plan

    • Written with intention to provide hope and healing to many more people than can possibly come to our office, this 4-step program is the same protocol our patients follow with great results. Way more than a typical ‘how-to’ book, this book gives you insights and tools that will put you back in charge of your health and well-being. Warning: you may never look at health the same way again! Order your copy today!
  • We have created a Starter Kit for each of the 4-Steps in the program. A one-stop shop with everything you will need to begin your treatment plan and get you on the road to wellness! Visit our store to purchase your kit.


We want to help you succeed! To maximize the benefits of the program to support you while you work your way through the book, here are your options:

  • ‘Do It With Us’:

    • Join an interactive online group, designed to give you additional guidance and help, if needed, as you journey through each step of the book. We offer online groups for Steps 1-4, each launching at a different time. Connecting with others on the same path as you helps to make the process realistic, achievable, and even enjoyable! We use a blog format so you can ask questions and see our conversation with others. So, sign up today to ‘Do It With Us’ and make your health goals a reality!
  • Do it on your own, with our support:

    Blumbox starter kits 3

    • Buy your starter kit in our store, and follow the complete guide that comes with each kit. If you have any questions as you’re going through any of the steps or using any of our products, use the ‘Ask Us Anything’ button on the web-site.
  • Blum Blogs:

    • ‘Do It With Us’ Blog: this is where we lead our online groups. Check back here anytime to read our posts, and to see the discussions from past groups.
    • BCH Blog: we also post weekly informative, valuable, and practical information on all matters relating to health and wellness!


Connect with us! We are always sending out great information about health, nutrition and wellness so sign up for our newsletters and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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An added bonus to support you:

  • BlumKitchen Nutrition Guide and CookbookBlum Kitchen Cookbook

    • Expand your culinary horizons and satisfy your and your family’s appetite with additional recipes from our BlumKitchen cookbook. All recipes were happily taste-tested and approved by the entire Blum Team! This book is included in our Step 1 Starter Kit, or may be purchased separately here.

Wishing you vibrant health and wellness!

The Blum Team

The entire Blum Center for Health Team


For information about visiting Blum Center for Health, call our toll-free #: 855-9-IMMUNE (946-6863)

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Nerdles: Dr. Oz 4-Step Plan to Boost Your Immunity

Watch Dr. Susan Blum on The Dr. Oz Show to learn how to tap your body’s natural disease-fighting power by taking oregano, eating cruciferous vegetables and avoiding sugar and gluten.

“The author of The Immune System Recovery Plan tells us that sugar and gluten in bread destroys our immune system. To boost our immunity, she advises us to:

  • Take oregano thrice a day.
  • Eat cruciferous vegetables
  • Take milk thistle”

Read more details on the episode and how to boost your immunity here:

Posted on Tune In to Health promotes Dr. Susan Blum’s guest segment on the Dr. Oz show this Monday, July 15th.

“The daytime doc will chat with Blum about her new book, ‘The Immune System Recovery Plan: A Doctor’s 4-Step Program to Treat Autoimmune Disease,’ which discusses using food as medicine, fixing your stress hormones, detoxing your liver and more. Something for every ailment, it seems, so make sure to tune in Monday.”

Read more here: