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The Secret To Happiness

By Elizabeth Greig, FNP

Heavy metals, and toxins in general, can be a trigger for brain fog and mental dullness.  If this is something you are experiencing, there are different ways to detoxify your mind. One of the most effective tools is to be mindful about the information you take into your mind: bad news, fear-inducing news, gossip, and useless information can all clutter your mind.

So what can you do? Be proactive and turn off the radio or television when you listen to things that make you feel anxious, angry, or bored.   Ask your friends and family to stop telling you the juicy, but destructive, gossip and tell them that you are being kind to your mind by making a choice about what’s really important for it to hear.

I recently heard about a study that showed that the people who are the happiest are those whose thoughts are about what or who are right in front of them–meaning present time.  So keep your mind centered on what you are doing right now in the present, and don’t let it wander off looking for worries or troubles.  The secret to happiness is a happy mind that is enjoying the moment!

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Zoc Doc: Are You a Fixer or a Facilitator?

Susan Blum, MD, outlines how doctors can provide optimum care to their patients by encouraging them to take an active role in their health and wellness. Taking this approach allows both doctor and patient to get the most out of each visit and sustain a long-term partnership.

“Increasingly, studies are showing that patients grow healthier when they are more involved in their own medical care–when physicians act not just as fixers but also facilitators, enabling people to take an active role as a participant in his or her own healing. What does this newer role look like?”

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