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Coleen J

I want to express how pleased I am with the Heal Your Gut program thus far. I am on Day 5 whereas others are on Day 12, but wanted to share that I observed an immediate (as in: Day 1) improvement in elimination and that improvement has only continued in subsequent days. I was simply amazed. I have IBS-like issues and despite taking high-grade probiotics, using glutamine power, and following a fairly strict diet of gluten/dairy avoidance, poor intestinal performance was still an issue for me. I have also taken in the past a number of the products (e.g., Oregano) that are represented in the gut cleanse packet contents, but not with the simultaneous factor as now possible through the one-stop-shop packet, nor perhaps at the same dose level. I’m now thinking that the se produ cts need to be taken synergistically and at a precise calibration to deliver maximal benefits, and it feels to me like that may be happening here now in ways it hadn’t with my more scattershot approach of before. Also, I have taken other gut-supportive protein powders before (Metagenics GI Sustain and Thorne Pharmaceutical’s MediClear Plus). Neither of these products taste very good, but afforded me some relief, so I felt like they served their purpose, considering I was not drinking them for taste, but for functional effect. I assumed the powder from Blum Center would be similar and that would have been fine with me, as I am very willing to sacrifice taste for benefit…..however, I was floored by the cherry flavor. I mix it with coconut milk and will honestly say I would drink this on an elective basis, even if I had no need for its medicinal properties. It tastes like a dessert shake; again, I am amazed. Thank you so much.