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ZocDoc: What Doctors Need to Know About Detox

Dr. Susan Blum shares with ZocDoc what fellow doctors need to know about detox, and how they can help their patients make informed decisions in the market.

“As doctors we need to be in a position to help patients sort the science from the salesmanship.”

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Challenge 365: Day 111 – Sunday Edition, Review of Susan Blum’s Immune System Recovery Guide

Dr. Susan Blum’s book, The Immune System Recovery Plan, was reviewed by the blog “Challenge 365.”

“It is really comprehensive and has workbook sections to help you on your health quest.  Where so many books and resources on healing look at one or two aspects of your health, this book brings you through four very important steps to optimizing your health.”

For the review in its entirety, click here.

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The Immune System Recovery Plan: Triumph Dining Book Review

From Triumph Dining’s review of Dr. Blum’s new book, The Immune System Recovery Plan:

“Her book systematically explores how the immune system is affected by what we eat. She delves into the issues on a deeper level, offering practical solutions to healing damaged guts and rebuilding our systems’ natural protective abilities.”

To read the full book review from Triumph Dining, click here:

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Utica Observer Dispatch: Dr. Blum’s Book Available

Dr. Susan Blum’s book, The Immune System Recovery Plan, is now available at the Smyrna Public Library.

“With significant increases in autoimmune inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, Crohn’s, celiac and lupus, check out “The Immune System Recovery Plan” by Dr. Susan Blum…”

Read the full article, here.

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Institute for Integrative Nutrition: The Immune System Recovery Plan

“While many doctors typically treat autoimmune disorders with powerful medications that shut off parts of the immune system, Integrative Nutrition guest speaker Dr. Susan Blum offers a different guide to self-healing in her new book The Immune System Recovery Plan.”

Read the article in its entirety, here.

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CBS Philly: Doctor Speaks on Curing Auto-Immune Diseases Yourself

Discover how you can cure autoimmune diseases yourself following Dr. Susan Blum’s new book, The Immune System Recovery Plan.  As Dr. Blum explains to CBS Philly, “…anybody with any concerns about their immune system can benefit from this book.”

Read the full article, here.

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Doug Miles Media: Dr. Susan Blum “Immune System Recovery Plan” Interview

“Only diabetes has surpassed autoimmune disease in terms of numbers…It’s the second most chronic disease in our country.”

Dr. Blum discusses her new book, “The Immune System Recovery Program,” on air with Doug Miles. Find out what inspired her to write the book and how you can benefit from its practices.

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MindBodyGreen: Can You Get Sick From Gluten Even If You Don’t Have Celiac Disease?

Find out what exactly is Celiac Disease, and why you can get sick from gluten even if you aren’t diagnosed.

“Turns out that gluten can trigger other immune reactions and symptoms without any damage to the small intestine, thus you can test negative for celiac, but still be gluten intolerant.”

Read more to find out what you can do at home to detox, here: