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Nerdles: Dr. Oz 4-Step Plan to Boost Your Immunity

Watch Dr. Susan Blum on The Dr. Oz Show to learn how to tap your body’s natural disease-fighting power by taking oregano, eating cruciferous vegetables and avoiding sugar and gluten.

“The author of The Immune System Recovery Plan tells us that sugar and gluten in bread destroys our immune system. To boost our immunity, she advises us to:

  • Take oregano thrice a day.
  • Eat cruciferous vegetables
  • Take milk thistle”

Read more details on the episode and how to boost your immunity here:

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Simon & Schuster’s Tips on Healthy Living: Why You Need to Clean Your Gut, Now

The power of a healthy gut, while known by those in the field of functional medicine for many years, is just now coming to light for many people as well as doctors and dieticians. Dr. Susan Blum explains in an interview the health benefits of cleaning your gut, and why doing so can reduce and possibly eliminate many health issues you may be facing.

“The importance of a healthy gut has become news in the last decade. While those of us in functional medicine have known this for longer, recent studies have shown the medical community conclusive evidence that the health of the gut has the power to drive inflammation throughout the body—certainly for autoimmune diseases, but also for other inflammatory conditions like osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.”

You can read more here:

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MindBodyGreen: Why Women Are More Likely To Get Autoimmune Diseases

Women are more likely than men to suffer from autoimmune diseases, and it seems that estrogen is a contributing factor. There are steps you can take to help your liver produce “good” estrogen to protect your body from these diseases.

“We’re beginning to understand that there are different kinds of estrogens in the body and they each have different effects on your cells and health.”

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Challenge 365: Day 111 – Sunday Edition, Review of Susan Blum’s Immune System Recovery Guide

Dr. Susan Blum’s book, The Immune System Recovery Plan, was reviewed by the blog “Challenge 365.”

“It is really comprehensive and has workbook sections to help you on your health quest.  Where so many books and resources on healing look at one or two aspects of your health, this book brings you through four very important steps to optimizing your health.”

For the review in its entirety, click here.

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The Immune System Recovery Plan: Triumph Dining Book Review

From Triumph Dining’s review of Dr. Blum’s new book, The Immune System Recovery Plan:

“Her book systematically explores how the immune system is affected by what we eat. She delves into the issues on a deeper level, offering practical solutions to healing damaged guts and rebuilding our systems’ natural protective abilities.”

To read the full book review from Triumph Dining, click here:

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Utica Observer Dispatch: Dr. Blum’s Book Available

Dr. Susan Blum’s book, The Immune System Recovery Plan, is now available at the Smyrna Public Library.

“With significant increases in autoimmune inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, Crohn’s, celiac and lupus, check out “The Immune System Recovery Plan” by Dr. Susan Blum…”

Read the full article, here.

Posted on 5 Weird Signs That You’re Vitamin-Deficient

When your body is trying to tell you something—for example, that you’re skimping on critical vitamins—it may go to some strange lengths. “With today’s diet of processed foods, it’s easy to become vitamin-deficient, either by not eating enough of the right foods or not absorbing them properly due to digestive issues,” says Dr. Susan Blum, the founder of the Blum Center for Health and the author of the new book The Immune System Recovery Plan.

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